Top Online Scientific Calculators

1. Google

Google is an excellent tool for performing simple calculations. All you need to do is type the word “calculator” in the search box. A calculator will appear, allowing you to perform just about any calculation you need, including more sophisticated functions like working with logarithms, trigonometric functions and more. It works on every desktop or mobile browser.

2. Wolfram Alpha

If Google’s calculator is not advanced enough for you, you should check out Wolfram Alpha, the knowledge search engine. This tool is pretty amazing. Type in an equation and you’ll get a solution immediately. Or just paste a function into the search engine and you’ll be presented with its graphical representation, properties and alternative definitions, all in a matter of seconds.

4. Web 2.0 calc

On first look, the Web 2.0 calc does not look like it can do much, but check the bottom menu to see all of its calculating powers. It is an excellent tool that enables you to calculate a matrix, solve equations, and perform calculations with fractions.

5. GraphCalculator

Graphcalculator is a pretty simple tool. It allows you to perform an analysis of functions in the coordinate system.  Enter functions and they will be visually represented with the ability to calculate plot and intersection points as well.

6. Desmos

This free scientific calculator has a very clean design and interface. In addition to the main calculation menu you have letter keys and functions.  If the equation you entered is not correct, there will be a ! sign with an explanation what you need to correct. 

8. Math Goodies

Math Goodies have a calculator that can be used for basic calculations but it also calculates molecular weight. With this scientific calculators you can keep all the results and inputs for future use. It also has different physical and chemical constants. 

9. Online Calculator

This website has a lot of different calculators. In addition to a scientific calculator, you can use a simple calculator, full screen calculator, maths calculator, patio calculator and more. Online scientific calculator looks like a gadget and you can view it in a full screen mode.

10. Calculator Net

This is a neatly designed online calculator for performing scientific calculations. The result is visible immediately and you have all the options you need to perform calculations. 

11. TCSion

Like all other scientific calculators, TCSion has two modes: deg and rad. It looks very basic but it can perform all the equations and functions you need. There is even a help guide in case you are having troubles with calculations. 

12. Calculator PI

If you like dark themes, you would like this scientific calculator. It has a black background and batch edit option. This scientific calculator definitely stands out from others.