The 5 Best Writing Apps for iOS and Android

Believe it or not, even professional writers need some help when they write their books, articles, publications to tackle the problems they may encounter. There are countless apps available on the market and in this article, we will show you some of the best writing apps for iOS and Android.

Writing something, either from a mobile device or from your computer, can generate some problems and inconveniences not only in terms of creativity but also in form. From time to time People can have a creative blockade, can’t find the right words to express themselves, or just need someone or something to transcribe their words to paper.

There are still people who make a lot of misspellings, especially when something urgently needs to be written. Therefore, it is always advisable to check a text to make sure you have not made any spelling mistakes. Re-read it or go one step further and review the text using one of the apps from this article.

There is no single ultimate app that all writers will find useful. It really depends on their specific needs, work style, and genres which app will they choose. It is also important what they are planning to do with the finished piece – send it to an agent for a review, publish it online, shoot a film…

Even business people can use such apps to look more professional when writing emails, reports, projections, plans, etc. All of the following applications are available both for the iOS and Android devices and we strongly believe that at least one of the apps will fit your needs.

Grammarly Keyboard

This application is ideal for those who write in English and don’t want to make spelling mistakes or for the ones who simply want to improve their English grammar. Grammarly Keyboard is a mobile keyboard that has an intelligent corrector built-in. Users are able to discover how to spell a word correctly while writing it.

The app provides contextual spelling checker, advanced punctuation correction, and can even enhance your vocabulary by providing you with the synonyms of words. It also has short, clear explanations every time you make a correction. Swipe typing is supported as well as dark and light themes.

Available on: iOS and Android


The application perfectly simulates the paper and the pen, making your writing on the iPad as natural and pleasant as it can be considering that you are after all writing on glass. You can use it as a personal journal, to take notes in class, take note of your professional meetings, or to simply capture ideas.

Thanks to the latest technologies, the pen strokes are very real, and with its “wrist protection” you can avoid those annoying and unwanted strokes. This is an Evernote app so it is not surprising that it is linked in general to Evernote, so you can synchronize your notes, organize them by category, and everything else you want.

Available exclusively on iPad

PDF to Word Converter

This app won’t directly affect your writing, but will help you make any PDF editable again. If you happen to have a lot of your work lying around in PDF form and you want to make some changes to it or use part of it in another piece, then PDF to Word Converter will save you a lot of time. By using the app you will be able to effortlessly convert any PDF to Word in no time.

PDF to Word Converter app has a built-in document scanner so you can quickly scan, for example, book pages and make them editable right from your mobile device. Just make sure you are scanning your files on good lighting and without any visible background. The app supports various cloud storage services so you can convert files directly from services like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and more.

Available on: iOS and Android


It is one of the best-known applications for voice dictation with over 1 million downloads on Android devices. Despite high precision voice recognition, one of its main features are the possibility of using a Bluetooth microphone and being able to insert emojis with its built-in keyboard.

The app supports a large number of dictation languages and it also recognizes punctuation marks such as period, comma, parentheses, quotation marks, etc. If you are thinking of using Speechnotes to write your posts, press releases, or whatever you need to write, it is an excellent option without any doubts.

Available on: Android

Writing Challenge

Many times it happens that when we need to get creative we are left blank. This app is used to overcome that initial fear of the first page. You just have to hit a START button and the app will immediately give you several ideas to start writing. Choose the one you want and start. Every minute the app will interrupt you to give you a new idea: perhaps a script twist or changes in a character that you could include in the dialogues. Turn writing into a game with this application.

Price: $1.99, Available on: iOS and Android

As you can see, there are no excuses not to start writing your book. With these apps, you can write from anywhere, whether you have an internet connection or not. Even this article was written with the small help of some of the mentioned apps. Still, if you are one of those who only like to write on their computers you can check our article about the best Microsoft Word alternatives