5 Apps to Send Your Pictures as Postcards

send postcards

There are many mobile apps that are widely used only during summer and once summer is over their usage ceases. Summer is often related to travelling because people tend to travel more when weather conditions are in favor. Back in the past, when people were still using snail mail to send letters, they used to send postcards every time they would travel somewhere.

When people stopped sending letters and turned to emails, they also stopped sending postcards. Like everything else, now sending postcards have become available on mobile. There are mobile apps that enable you to send your pictures as postcards and let your friends and family know that you think about them when you are away.

Touch Note is a well-known app that turns photos into postcards and greetings cards for every occasion. With this postcard maker you can create personalized postcards and send them to your friends. You can send gifts with the cards and fancy envelopes or just postcards.

Postsnap is a postcard creator app with the ability to print and ship the postcard to the chosen address. You can create and send postcards from your travel destination, or make announcement or gift cards. What is more, this app doesn’t require registration.

Photocard app is a bit different because it has a gallery of beautiful photos which you can use to make a postcard. You can add your image, stamps, signature or dictate a message on the back to personalize the postcard even more.

Postagram is perfect for vacations, holidays, birthdays and other celebrations. With this app you can use your Facebook, Instagram and iPhone photos to turn them into postcards and print them on thick, glossy paper.  

My Postcard is another app for creating, printing and sending postcards to your beloved ones. Once you select a postcard style, upload a photo from your camera or social media app (Instagram). Then select a frame and type greeting text.

Most of these apps are free to create postcards from your photos but you need to pay small fee in order to send the postcard. If you don’t want to pay, you can send the postcard electronically for free. So next time you travel abroad, don’t forget to send a postcard!