Audiodocs – an open source tool for converting Word documents into audio files

AudioDocs is a program that converts Word documents into Audio (WAV) format. Even though every Windows computer has the ability to automatically convert text to speech, the default computer voice that you get from this function is not very pleasant. When you are using Audiodocs, the audio results are much better.

convert microsoft word to audio

Unfortunately, there is no option for converting documents to MP3s, only to WAVs, which are much larger files. However, it shouldn’t be hard to find a free WAV to MP3 converter online either.

Either way, this software is open source, minimalistic and easy to use. It works with both doc and docx files.

Once we have uploaded the doc file, choose one of three voices. It is also possible to change the speed and volume of each voice as well to get the voice that is most agreeable for you.

change the sound volume and voice


The process is pretty fast. It should also be noted that Audiodocs works best when your Word document is written in English.