Best Free Tools for Creating Posters

Posters are still very popular, despite the fact that people today spend more time looking at images on their computers and gadgets and not on their walls. Not only are they great as wall decorations, but posters can also be useful when putting together presentations or promoting an event.

Whether you are decorating or spreading the word about something here are some excellent online tools you can use to design and create your own customized posters for free.

1. PosterMyWall 

This website offers free poster templates, but you can also use your own images and even import them directly from you Facebook profile. After choosing an image, you can then enter and adjust text that you might want on the poster. The free version allows posters of up to the A4 size to be created and if you need a bigger format, you can get it by paying a few dollars.

2. Picasa 

Picasa is a pretty powerful free image editing tool. Among its many options you will see an option for creating posters. Go to Create – Make a Poster and you will be presented with various image and text editing tools that will help you to create a great poster in minutes.

3. Befunky 

Befunky is one of the most popular photo-editors online and it is useful for creating posters as well. You have to submit your own picture and the site allows you to add multiple effects on it. Also, it is possible to add text to the poster in various fonts, colors and positions. It is a great tool for making creative posters.

4.  Softprint 

This tool is free of you are making a small poster, but one negative is that it does not allow you to upload your own images. However, it does give you some nice clip art options to choose from if you want to make a poster. This is a good site for making presentations, promotional posters or educational material even perhaps.

5. Blockposters 

This tool allows you to upload JPG images of a maximum size of 1MB. It will then enable you to enlarge them, and even assemble them into several different pieces if you want to print something really big. For example, it will allow you to make a giant poster and then print it out in A4 sized parts, and then put them together to create the larger image.