Best Learning Apps for Summer

Have you ever wondered what are the best learning apps you could have on your phone? Well, even if you haven’t, we have the top selection of educational apps right here. Check it out!

best learning apps for summer

Summer officially began yesterday. Although many of you are looking forward to your holidays and spending days far away from school, college or work, there is still room for some learning. Whether you are a student on a break, a parent who wants to make sure his kids will keep learning even during summer, or you may be an adult who is eager to improve his skills in a certain area, you will find at least one app here that will make this summer more productive and engaging. So lets dive in together into the exciting world of apps and find out what are the best learning apps for this summer!

Best Learning apps for children


In summer, there is a plenty of time for children to learn the new things or to keep practicing what they learned so far at school or kindergarten. As a parent, you need to keep track of your child’s progress not only during school days, but during summer as well. For instance, you can show your child how to have fun and learn math at the same time, how to practice writing or how to tell a story.


Science and math apps


Marble Math Junior is a math learning app perfect for kids between 5 and 8 years. With this app, kids can practice equations, addition, subtraction, multiplication etc. Marble Math encourages kids to think more and use their brain in order to practice math skills.


Sum Dog has 15 games for learning math. In addition to that, you can learn writing and reading. Its Progress hub engine analyze every user and shows your progress bar. In that way, parents can track the progress of their children and see what areas of learning need more time and effort.


Practice apps


Fight Write is an app that helps children improve their writing skills. A kid has to save the kingdom, by taking part in a battle and fighting against monsters with his own words. The more words a kid produce, the better chances he will have to win the battle.


Tommy the Turtle will only be interesting to parents who want their children learn to code. This interactive game helps kids acquire the basic knowledge of programming. Tommy the Turtle actually make moves according to the input his users give to him.


Storytelling apps


TeleStory gives kids the opportunity to create their own TV show. They can direct and star in their own TV show. It can be a reality show, music video, a movie etc. Kids can dress up in 50 different costumes and pick up from 30 different animations. There is no other way they practice storytelling.


FriendStrip Kids is another way of storytelling, that gives kids the opportunity to create a personalized comic strip. They would have fun and at the same time, they would practice storytelling and creativity in general.

Learning apps for students


After exams and finals are over, students tend to have fun and do nothing. However, having fun often requires money so students need to find summer jobs or other ways of earning. Fortunately, there are apps for that as well. Those apps help students learn new skills and earn money at the same time. Other students might need to work on their research papers during breaks and they will need all the help they can get. 


Learn to earn money


Trigger of the Day Stock Game is a finance app for students interested in the stock market. It gives different challenges to respond to, and every correct answer earns 50 points, whereas you can lose 30 points for incorrect responses. This app will help you monitor stocks and decide what stocks you will sell and what stocks you will buy.


Campus Books is a place you can use to sell the books you don’t need any more. There is always a younger student who needs that books, and why to store them on a dusty shelf when you can sell them and earn extra money. The app works like that it offers you the highest prices for your books.


Apps for research and writing


Merriam Webster dictionary is a popular dictionary especially its hardcopy version, but now you can have it on your mobile phone or tablet. It can be convenient when you want to do some writing for your research paper, and you can use in a park, on the beach, wherever you like to spend summer.


EasyBib is a citation and bibliography app, and it can easily speed up your work. When you want to include citations in your work or to write bibliography, this app will automatically create citations for you.


Extra Learning



Khan Academy is a learning academy app built for your phone. It is perfect for summer learning, when you are somewhere in the nature, and you have extra time and will to learn something new and sharpen your skills.


This app is only for students who have chemistry classes or those who want to have more knowledge. It is called Periodic Table and its name explains everything if you are familiar with chemistry at all. With this app you can learn how elements change when temperature increases, and to see how elements are applied in real life.


Learning apps for adults

If you are a grown-up you are often overwhelmed with work and you should use your vacation to relax and learn new things. Learning new things can help in your private life and career, and summer is the best time to  learn, when you are fresh and rested. So, next time you are on the way to your vacation destination, while waiting for a plane or bus to catch, use some of these apps and prove that you can still learn and improve upon yourself.


Word Brain is for exercising your brain and vocabulary. Learning new words and expanding your vocabulary is a very strong asset to your career and personal life. You can use it every day when you have 5 minutes of spare time or just need to chill out, and learn a couple new words.


Duolingo is a well-known app for learning a new language and it can come in handy when you go to your holiday destination. You can practice the new language while you are on the beach and at least learn how to order coffee and food.


Udacity is a lifelong learning academy available in your pocket. If you choose to have this app on your phone, you will see how easy it is to learn new skills and fully use your personalized experience. When knowledge is within your reach and available all the time, you will have no excuses to skip the learning.


Programming Hub is a special app for those adults who got interested in programming. We know how well paid is that job and it is never too late to change your career and start coding. Maybe this app will be your start.