Best Tools for Creating Venn Diagrams

If you have worked with any types of diagrams in the past, there’s a good chance that you know what a Venn diagram is already. It uses intersecting circles in order to show relationships between a variety of ideas.

The person who is responsible for this type of diagram is John Venn, who invented the concept back in the 1880s. Venn diagrams are so effective that they are still used a great deal today.

Here are some situations when you can use Venn diagrams:

  • classify groups of users based on the permissions they will be assigned or the tasks they will perform.
  • visualize internal and external content tasks.
  • compare different products and contrast their features.

To make this happen, here are seven tools that you can use to create your own digital Venn diagrams for free.

1. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

microsoft office venn diagrams

If you have Microsoft Office installed, then you will be able to create a Venn diagram in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Just head over to the Insert tab, find the Illustrations group and then click on SmartArt.

In the SmartArt gallery, click on Relationship and then locate the Venn diagram layout and click “ok.”

Click on the circles, then the text pane and then type in the text you want to include.

2. OpenOffice

open office venn diagrams

OpenOffice is a free alternative for Microsoft Word, and it has a Venn diagram option as well, but it’s a bit longer process. To access it, click on the “Drawing” icon. Once the Draw application is open, click on the “Basic Shapes” button at the bottom of the drawing area, then select the “Circle” object. Click anywhere in the drawing area of the circle and drag the mouse to create a circle manually. You can change the colors and shapes of the circles as well, and ad your own text to create a Venn diagram.

3. Lucidchart Venn Diagram Maker

lucidcharts venn diagrams

This is a free tool that is great for creating charts and diagrams, but you need to register with your email. It’s very easy to create all kinds of diagrams from scratch, Venn diagrams included, and they also have a lot of templates. You can insert not only text, but also images and a variety of colors. When you create and publish your diagram you can also share it with other people.

4. Creately Venn Diagram Maker

venn diagrams creately

If you are looking for a free online option for creating diagrams, flow charts, mind maps, and things of that nature, Creately is a fantastic option. It’s free to use and surprisingly robust. Venn diagrams come out great using this free software.

5. ClassTools Venn Templates

class tools venn diagrams

ClassTools might not give you the fanciest Venn diagrams, but it does give you simply and effective ones. All it takes is a couple of seconds to create your diagram. The site also gives you the option to host the diagram on your blog or website very easily. It’s also popular because you don’t need to sign up or give any passwords to use it. Of course, it’s free of charge as well.

6. SmartDraw Venn Diagram Software

smardraw create diagrams

It’s hard to find a Venn diagram creator that is easier to use than SmartDraw. You get a ready to use Venn diagram template and all you have to do is enter your text in where you need it. Another good thing about this tool is that it allows you to create your Venn diagrams and then insert them in your Microsoft Office documents if you prefer to make them here instead of in Microsoft Office. It is a paid tool, but there is a free trial period that you can use.

7. Gliffy’s Venn diagrams

gliffy diagrams venn

This is another web-based tool that you can use if you prefer working online instead of having to download software. It’s very easy to use to build your own Venn diagrams, but you need to sign in and pay for the subscription. This tool used to be free, but now there is only a two-week free trial.


This tool has an online and desktop version, and it is open-source diagramming software. It has everything you would expect from a professional diagramming tool and the best thing is – it’s completely free. You can save the diagram on your cloud, computer or anywhere you want. Open source code offers transparency. works with your existing tools like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Office 356 apps, and others.

9. Displayr

create venn diagram

Another free tool to create Venn diagram. The interface is similar to MS Office. It has already displayed diagram and all you need to do is to click on Edit data and type your information that you want to present in a diagram. You need to create a free account so you can your work and you can easily change the look of your diagram.

10. Meta-chart

This tool offers numerous chart types including venn diagrams. First you need to choose the background and border colour, then enter the data, write graph title and venn diagram will be displayed on your screen. If you want to save the diagram you need to register, it’s free.