Top Christmas apps for stress-free holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and even though it is the time for joy and happiness, it can bring you some unwanted stress too. As usual, you may haven’t started Christmas preparations on time and you need to do everything at the last minute. The stress can grow even bigger if you host a Christmas party or a family reunion. Thanks to mobile apps and modern technology, you can get help in most of the Christmas tasks and enjoy stress-free holidays. Take a look at what Christmas apps we have chosen for you!

Organize your Christmas budget, shopping and gift list

With so many presents to buy, and Christmas shopping sales, it is better to have some apps that will help you with budget management and shopping lists. Here are three such apps you should consider having on your phone during the holiday season:

Santa’s Bag – iOS and Android

Christmas is all about gifts, and if you have a long list of friends and family you should better organize your budget. This app is good for making a list of gift recipients where you can write all the details like what kind of gift you give to each one and what’s the price. You can even add notes, links and photos of each gift and get gift ideas. And what’s even more important this app is a budget organizer, you can set up a planned budget and see how much you are under or over budget.

Out of Milk – iOS and Android

This is another shopping list app but with a different purpose. Out of Milk app is mostly used for grocery shopping and given that many food stores can be closed during Christmas, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. If you are preparing a Christmas dinner or you simply want to make a meal plan for a few days around the holidays, this app can help you make a shopping and a pantry list, and to keep track of what you have at home. You can easily scan items and the app will categorize them automatically. In addition, you can share the list with your family members and the lists will be synced.

PIWoP- Android

Speaking of Christmas shopping, you will probably wait for the big sales. If you are tracking your favorite items online and wait to see the price drop, this app will save you a lot of time. You don’t need to visit the retail website every day, just install this app, enter the item you want to buy and the price you are willing the pay. The app will keep track of the item and once the price is dropped you will be notified. 

Prepare Christmas cards, videos and edit screenshots

Another important thing around Christmas season is to send cards and take photos. If you own a business, you may need to work with invoices, receipts, or to edit old reports at the last minute.

Ink Cards- iOS and Android

What is amazing about this app is that you can snap a picture of you, your family members or your pet, write the message and choose one of the many beautiful designs available. For just $2 you can get the card delivered to your home. It’s a unique way to send Christmas cards to your friends and relatives.

Image to Word – iOS and Android

Whether you are at your last day at work before the holiday season, or you own a business that needs some last-minute documents to complete, Image to Word app will save you time from retyping documents. You can basically take a snap of the paper document or make a screenshot and turn the image into Word format. Of course, you can use this app for anything you like, even taking a photo of your family and then adding some postcard message in Word, converting it to PDF or back to Image and sharing it online with your friends and family.

ElfYourself – iOS and Android

If you prefer videos to postcards, this app is for you. Snap photos of you and your family members, upload them in the app, choose an Elf dance, add a personal greeting and get a funny video of your family dancing. It is a unique way to wish someone Merry Christmas. 

Christmas photos- iOS and Android

For those who like simple app or don’t have time to make videos or to send postcards by snail mail, Christmas Photos is the app for you. The name says for itself, you can find a wide range of Christmas motives, frames, image filters and effects. Just take a photo of you and choose the preferred layout.

Get help with Christmas dinner

Finally, it’s dinner time! If you are a guest at Christmas dinner, good for you, but if you are host, then you will need those apps for sure:

Chef Tap – iOS and Android

This app is good for cooking organization. When you start looking for recipes online, you can save them in the app, categorize them and even make grocery lists. This app works both online and offline so you can always check the list of your recipes and make a decision about what will you cook during holidays.

Tasty – iOS and Android 

This app has more than 4000 recipes easily accessible from your phone with an innovative step-by-step instruction mode. The app is not focused on Christmas recipes at all, but it has an incredible search function that will help you find a recipe for every need. Just type “Christmas” in the app’s search bar and you will see.

1000 Christmas Recipes – Android

For Android users, there is an app that has 1000 recipes exclusively for Christmas. If you don’t have inspiration for what to cook during the holidays, here you will find it for sure. 

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