How to Convert Pages to Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular programs in the corporate world, since its release in 1983. It is an inevitable part of every computer that runs on Windows operating system. Because Windows is the most widespread among operating systems, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Word can be found on almost every computer.

Since it is an essential program for word processing in general, Microsoft Word is used for all kinds of business and personal tasks. That wide usage of MS Word may cause troubles to Mac users. Like Windows users, Mac users have a word processing program that is called Pages. It is like Word but it works only on Mac operating system.

Due to MS Word dominance over Pages, most business tasks that involve any kind of document sharing, management, require documents in Word format (.doc or .docx). For that matter, Mac users need to convert Pages to Word and get a file in a more universal and readable format.


Convert Pages to Word


To convert Pages to Word, follow these easy steps:


  1. Open your document in Pages.
  2. Click on the File menu and then Export To.
  3. Now click on Word.


convert pages to word



“Export Your Document” window will appear and you just need to click on the Word tab and choose the right format, .doc or .docx.


You can even set up a password in case you want to protect the document. To do so, tick the Require password to open.



pages to word



Upon clicking on the Next button you will be asked to enter a file name and select its location.


Finally, when you click on the Export button, your file will be converted from Pages to Word.



export to word


Next time you are asked to send a file in .docx format, don’t panic, you can easily convert Pages to Word and there will be no time to regret you are using Mac and not Windows, like most people.