How to edit an employee pay slip on a mobile phone

If you are an employer, an office assistant or a bookkeeper, you probably handle a lot of different documents including employee pay slips. Like any other business document an employee pay slip is usually kept in a PDF format.

If you need to make last-minute changes in a document before you send it to your employee, here is a solution! Thanks to PDF Converter mobile app you can edit employee pay slip on the go.

Whether your PDF document is in the cloud, inbox or on a mobile device, you can import it in just a few taps.

Once you download this app on your smartphone or tablet, follow the steps below to edit an employee pay slip:

  1. Tap on the + button to import a file from the cloud or your device.
  2. Select the conversion type. This PDF converter app converts PDF files to all popular formats and you can also create PDFs.
  3. The conversion starts immediately and when the file is converted tap on it to open it in any Word app.
  4. Edit your payslip document in Word or similar text editing app.

The conversion speed depends on the file size, so in cases when you want to edit employee pay slip, which is not a big document, you won’t have to wait much.

It is good to know that there is no limit on the number of conversions, if you need to edit payslips of multiple employees. Also, you can convert multiple payslips at once, by using the batch conversion feature.This PDF converter app converts scanned PDF files as well, including those you make by taking a photo of a paper document and converting it to PDF.

Next time you are in a rush, don’t forget to use PDF converter app to edit payslip documents and other papers you are dealing with everyday. It is available on both ios and android platforms.