How to Convert a PDF Presentation to Google Slides?

Presentations often come in PDF format. It is much better to format them that way because we don’t have to worry whether the images, graphs and sentences will lose their formatting and layout on somebody else’s computer. That is especially good if we’ll be using our professor’s or boss’s computer when we hold the presentation. Furthermore, if someone takes a look at your presentation on a mobile device, it might not look the same, depending on the presentation app they have. That’s why, always save your presentation in PDF before sending it or sharing it with others.

In case you need to convert the presentation back to editable format, for example PowerPoint or Google Slides, you can do that easily in just a few steps. Google Slides as part of the Google Drive interface is a powerful way to edit our presentations on the go and completely free.

While there is a way to convert PDF to Docs format, it is not possible to convert it to Slides, at least not directly. But in this situation the Cometdocs PDF converter Google Drive extension can really be of use.

All you have to do is install it from your Chrome browser. Open your Google Drive, and click on the gear icon to open the Settings menu. Then click on Manage apps and the next step is to click on Connect more apps. In the search bar, type Cometdocs and the addon will show up. Click on the green Connect button.

If you couldn’t find Cometdocs addon in the search bar, check in the Manage apps option, before you click on Connect more apps. It may happen that you added it before.

After that simply go to your Google Drive, right-click the presentation locked in PDF format and choose Open with Cometdocs PDF converter.

convert to google drive

Select PowerPoint as your desired format and click on the Confirm button.

convert to powerpoint

You might need to wait a couple of minutes depending on the file size, but not much longer than that.

converting pdf inside google drive

The newly created presentation in pptx format will open immediately. To continue editing it, choose Open with – Google slides once more.

google slides

And that will be enough. You can continue to work on the presentation, making all the necessary revisions.

As you can see, inside your Drive you will have the presentation in three file formats, PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slides.

converted files original

As we previously explained, the same is possible for tables in Google Sheets.

Also, when you add Cometdocs addon to your Google Drive you automatically become a user of Cometdocs web service, where you can convert files, store them and transfer them.