How to convert and upload mp3 music to Youtube?

Have you ever not been able to find a song you like on Youtube and then had the need to upload it yourself? Maybe  you have written and recorded a song of your own and would like to upload it to Youtube for the world to hear. If you have tried to upload your music to Youtube, you might have noticed that the site does not accept mp3s, only video formats.

Thankfully there is a way to get around that.

You will have to turn your mp3 of music into a video or simply create a video for your song.

There are online services out there that can convert your mp3s into a video file, but a lot of them limit you as far as the size of the file that you can upload and how creative you can get with the visual aspects of your video.

The easiest way to get your mp3s onto Youtube is to make a simple video in the Windows Live Movie Maker, which is a free software that you can download from Microsoft website.

First you need to add your music and accompanying pictures in the video. Be careful with the images you choose to display, because you don’t want to infringe on any copyrights, but still, try to use images that are relevant to the music. For example, if it is a song your grandmother used to sing to you, you can put a picture of her, or maybe pictures from your childhood.

First click on Add music or music to add the song of your choice to the project, and then just take the file and drag it down to the reel.

To import the images, just click on Import photos and select pictures from your computer that you want to use.

You will notice that once you drag the images down onto the reel, you will have to adjust the amount of time each image appears in the video by simply clicking it and stretching it.  If you do not want to do this manually, just go to Project and then to Fit to music, which gives all of your images an equal amount of time over the music.

You can also include some animations to spice up the video a bit. Click on Animate and choose your desired animation. Experiment a bit, because there are a lot of interesting effects to choose from when transitioning between images in your video.

After everything is finished you can save the video on your computer by clicking on Save Movie File in the File menu. Once you have the video file on your computer, you can then upload it to your Youtube account and share it with others.