How to Convert Instagram photos into PDF

Anyone who hasn’t been living on a desert island over the last year should be fully aware of how popular the Instagram smartphone application has gotten. It is one of the most used apps by both Apple and Android users, and was bought by Facebook for a whopping one billion dollars in April.

If you love using Instagram for picture taking, then you are probably always on the look for new tools related to the app. One of the best recent tools to come out for Instagram is the Instagram to PDF online application, which lets you easily convert all of your favorite photos to high quality PDFs.

Here’s how it works.

To use the tool, head over to its website:

Once you are at the site, you must login to your Instagram profile through the site.

After authorizing your account so that the online app can use your Instagram, you will be presented with all of your Instagram photos that you have taken.

To pick which ones you want to convert to PDF, all you have to do is click on the pictures you want to use.

One great thing about the tool is that you don’t have to scroll through your entire photo collection to move on to the next phase. If you just want to select a couple of your most recent photos and move on to the next conversion phase, you can do that thanks to a hovering button that allows you to go to the next step with just one click at any time.

Once you have selected the photos you want to use and clicked “Next,” you will now have to decide on the format of your PDF. In this phase you will select how many pictures you want to appear per PDF page. Your options here are one, two, three, four, eight, 12, 15, or 20 photos, depending on the layout you choose.

Now simply click on the layout you want and your Instagram snapshots will be almost instantly converted into a PDF.

All you have to do now is save the PDF to your computer, print it, or do whatever else you want to do with the PDF you have created.

This tool comes in handy for any Instagram user who wants to share his or her photos quickly and easily. Whether you want to make a photo collection of your family, or a PDF full of all your meals that you’ve taken pictures of over the last couple of months, this Instagram to PDF online application makes sharing and backing up your Instagram snapshots very simple.