How to create PDF Handouts in PowerPoint 2010?

When giving a presentation, it is always recommended to supply your audience with handouts.  This is done so that the listeners will be able to concentrate better on what the speaker is talking about, since they will not have to scramble to take notes during the presentation. Also, handouts serve as a great reminder later when recalling certain aspects of the presentation.

You probably already know how to print handouts directly from a presentation, that’s easy: Go to FilePrint – then in Settings, choose Handouts along with the number of slides per page.

However, turning the handouts in PDFs can come in just as handy some times. For example, if you want to email them to your audience, or if you want to print them at another location and you need to have a file that you can take with you anywhere. Having the file in an electronic PDF format is always useful.

As you know, PDF files can be opened in any platform. Since mobile platforms are becoming widespread, it is more and more common to follow presentations on a computer screen, not on paper.  Listeners can save their PDF handouts on their computers and always have them ready if they need to go back to the presentation.

Here is how you can create PDF Handouts.

Go to your PowerPoint presentation, and click on Save As.

Then, under file format, choose PDF.

Now click on Options.

In the Publish What field, choose Handouts.

Then, on the right side, you’ll see an option for choosing how many slides you want per page.

After you have determined the number of slides per page, click on OK and Print, which gives you a great looking PDF handout created from your PowerPoint slides.