How to export Gmail contacts to Excel?

Gmail allows us to export and import our contacts in csv format. CSV format is useful because it can be opened in Google Docs, Open Office and in MS Excel. The whole process of exporting gmail contacts to csv is pretty simple and it takes only three steps:

1. Go to the Contact tab in your gmail account,

2. Select a group of contacts or specific contacts,

3. Click on More – Export to start extraction process.

gmail contacts


Choose option to export your gmail contacts to a csv file.


Since csv files are supported by Excel, you can just click on the file and open it in Excel. If however, you come across any problems in opening it, you can solve them by importing csv file into Excel. Choose the Data tab and the From Text option, like you see in the picture.


After this, the Text Import Wizard will appear. It will lead you through several steps, one of which is choosing the type of delimiter. Once you’re finished, you’ll have a list of gmail contacts in your Excel document.