How to Insert Text Into Your Images on Android

Adding  text to photos is one of the most widely used effects.  People do this when they want to  create image quotes,  improve the look of the image, insert explanations, create tutorials, and more. There are plenty of software and web  tools which will allow you to do this. However, there are still not many that allow you to do it on Android.  Since the Android OS is being used more and more in the smartphone realm, we are going to present you today with four apps that allow you to insert text into pictures when using an Android-based device.

1. PicSay

pic say

PicSay is one of the  best photo editing tools for Android. Even though the free version is a bit limited compared to its pro version, it still has amazing abilities.  You can add word clouds, text titles and stickers to your images. There are multiple fonts and colors to choose from. Additionally, this app has multiple effects one can add to a picture, for example

2. Fotolr


This app allows you to add Text anywhere you want on the image. Also, it allows you to quickly take a photo and immediately edit it on site. Just click on Word, and type the message you want to add, change the font colour, size and position. You can even rotate the text.  Adding text is just one of the many possibilities you have with this app.

3. AddWatermark 

aw free

AddWatermark  is specifically designed to help you in adding text to protect your images. There are lots of  different colours and fonts to choose from. Images can be saved in .jpg and .png formats.

4.  Photo Editor

photo editor

This app is extremely simple to use, especially the function of adding text to images, which is very intuitive.  Choose which photo you want to use  and you’ll see a list of available effects at the bottom. Choose the Text option and you are ready to go. You can choose different colours for you text box, as well as different text angles, sizes and more. You can also use your fingers on the touchscreen to resize your text.