How to Number Pages in Google Docs

If you have been using Google Docs for some time, you may noticed that there aren’t page numbers by default. You need to learn how to number pages in Google Docs, in case you are required to add numbers to your document.


There are actually two ways to add numbers and we will show you both of them.


The first way is good if you want to automatically number pages in Google Docs, from the beginning until the end or skipping the first page (which we will explain later in more details).


So, click the Insert menu of Google docs and Page number option. There are four different styles of page numbering you can choose from. You can add page numbers at the top, at the bottom, with or without the number on the first page.

add page numbers in google docs


The flaw of this option is that all pages will have numbers, you can only skip the first page.


If your document  is not so big and you want to skip adding numbers to specific pages in the document, it is better to use the following way. It requires to manually add numbers in the header or the footer.

insert footer


In the Insert menu of the Google Docs, click on Header or Footer. Logically, if you want to number headers in Google Docs, click on Header. If you want to add numbers at the bottom click on Footer.


Once you click on it, you will see how that area of the document will be enabled for writing. Just add a number you need and that’s it!


add numbers

When you click on Header or Footer, you will see one checkbox “different first page header/footer”.


different page header

In other words, if you want to have the first page different, tick that box.


How to start page numbers on page 2 docs


Many documents require that the first page should skip numbers especially if it is an introduction, or the content of a book or a research paper. In that case, click the Insert menu and from the Page number options choose the one without a number on it.


See this image below, you can choose to have numbers at the top or bottom, and skipping the first page.


how to number pages in google docs


How to add page numbers in google docs on iPad


If you are using Google docs app for iPad, guidelines are a bit different. When you open a document in Google docs, tap on Edit and then on Insert. Lastly, tap on Page Number to add numbers to your document.