How to separate PDF pages on a mobile device

Viewing PDF files on a mobile phone can be a problem if your file is too big and your phone too slow. Not to mention that big files take too much memory on your phone. If you need to work with a PDF file on your phone and you don’t need the whole document, there is a trick to separate PDF pages on a mobile device and keep only the pages you need.

Here’s what you need to separate PDF pages

  • An Android smartphone or tablet
  • PDF Split app (it is free)
  • Internet access

First, download this PDF Split app and open it. Tap on the plus button to open a PDF that is stored on your mobile device, or choose to select the files from the cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox).

Then tap long touch on the page in a PDF file where you want to split your document and hold it for a few moments. Once you tap on Split button the PDF pages will be separated in two groups, two smaller files. For instance, if the PDF has 10 pages, tap on the page number 5 and first 5 pages will be split into a different file.

Note: when you select a page you will see the pages in two different colours. Different colors mean different PDF files.

If you want to split one of the splitted file more, you can repeat the process.

What you need to know about this app?

It is free but you need to wait for one hour to get the file.

There is an option to have fast delivery of your file, but that is not free.

What is good about this PDF Split app compared to other similar apps, this app doesn’t burden your memory or battery. When you add the file and select the pages you want to split, the splitting process is not done on your mobile device, but on the servers.

There are no limits on the number of splitting you can do, so any time you want to handle big PDF files on your smartphone, you can separate PDF pages and use smaller versions of your files.