How to Split PDF into Separate Files with Google Chrome?

Some PDF files are huge, and there are situations when we only need a small part of a PDF for our purposes. For example, we might need to extract only one table from a document which contains more than 300 pages. Instead of converting the whole document into an editable format, we can first extract a specific page that contains the table we need, and then continue with the conversion.

There are a lot of PDF splitters around that help users extract parts of PDF. Today we’ll introduce one which is not completely safe, but you probably already have it installed on your computer. That is the Google Chrome browser.

The first step requires you to open your PDF in Chrome. You can do it simply by dragging the PDF to any spot on a new tab in Chrome.

drag to open pdf in google chrome

When the file opens, choose Print (or press CTRL + P).

google chrome print
In the list of Printers choose Chrome’s internal PDF printer (Save as PDF).

save as pdf chrome

Below enter all pages you want the new PDF to contain. It can be a single page, a range of pages or both.
Click Save and that would be it. The new document is right and ready for use.