How to Translate a PDF on a Mobile Device

How many languages do you know? No matter what is the number, it may happen once in a while that you happen upon a document in a foreign language you are not familiar with. Of course, if the document in question is important it’s better you hire a translation agency. On the other hand, if you just need to translate a product manual or description, or u a user guide of some service, there is no need to spend money because there is a way to do it for free. Actually, there are a lot of ways to translate a file when you are working on a computer, but do you know how to translate a file on a mobile device?

With increasing usage of mobile phones and tablets, there is a need to find alternative for any kind of task you can do on a computer. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives for all things you can do on a computer, but you can still finish some tasks on the go.

Here you will learn how to quickly translate a PDF file on a mobile device. Since there are two platforms, Apple store and Google Play store, we will show you both ways.


How to Translate a PDF on iPhone or iPad

The first step is to download PDF to Word app and convert your PDF file to editable .docx file.

The app is free and it can also convert scanned PDF documents. Once you have installed the app on your device, open the file you want to translate and click on the share button. Then access PDF to Word app via Open in menu. The converted file will appear in the app, like shown below.

pdf to word

After your file is converted, open it in MS Word or any other mobile app that views MS Office files, such as MS Office Suite, Libre Office etc. Tap on the text and select the part you want to translate. Tap again on Copy cloud like presented on the image below.

ms word for ios


Then open Google Translate app and paste the text there. Choose the language that you need and that’s it. You will see the translation instantly.

translate a pdf on ipad


How to Translate a PDF File on Android

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you actually need to install the same apps mentioned app: PDF to Word, Ms Office (or any other Office viewer), Google Translate. Only the first step is bit different but let’s take a closer look at the whole procedure:


Download PDF to Word for Android and open the app. Then tap on + button to add a file you wish to convert and eventually translate. The file will be converted and available for use in one hour (if you use free version) or in 15 minutes, if you are subscribed. There is no difference in conversion quality however.

pdf to word for android

Again, you need an MS office viewer to open the file and copy the text the same way it is explained for iOS.

ms word for android

In the end, head over to Google Translate app and paste the copied text to get the needed translation.

translate a pdf on android