How to manage files on iPhone

You can manage files on iPhone almost the same way you would do that on your computer. Of course, more complex things cannot be done because mobile phones cannot store such powerful software, but if we talk about most common file management tasks, you can be sure that iPhone will help you.

Editing documents on iPhone

Thanks to various file conversion apps, you can very easy convert a file from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other editable file format. So, next time you receive a file in PDF format, you don’t need to wait to come to the office so you can edit PDF.

With PDF to Word converter, PDF to Excel converter, PDF to PPT app and other Cometdocs apps, you can import PDF files from your iPhone or directly from Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud solutions. Once you upload or import PDF, it will start to convert and after one hour (if you are a free user) or a few minutes (if you have a subscription) you will get a Word document. The process is the same for all other PDF conversion types.

View files on iPhone

Whatever file type you receive or download on your phone, there is an app for that. For instance, if you want to view a Word document you can download any text editor app that views and edits Word files. Even less popular file formats have its viewers apps, you can find on the app store, and most of them are free.

Sharing files from iPhone

Thanks to different cloud apps, you can share your files in million ways. For instance, if you convert a file with the mentioned PDF to Word app, you can open the converted file in Gmail or other cloud apps and share it with other users. The same way you send pics to someone via Viber or Facebook, you can send files as well.

Merging and splitting files on iPhone

Even if you need to merge or split your PDFs, you can do that on your phone. Extract only pages you need or have all the data in one place, the choice is yours. Cometdocs has Merge PDF and Split PDF apps that you will need on your phone.

Compressing files on iPhone

When you receive a big file, it may slow down the speed of your phone. If you still need to keep it on your phone, you can use PDF compressor app to reduce the size of your file and have more memory on your mobile device.

Signing documents on iPhone

If you need to sign something urgently, there is no need to rush to the office. For instance, you can tell your colleagues to send you a scanned paper by email and sign the document directly from your phone. There are a lot of mobile apps that can do the job.

Scanning files on iPhone

You can use our PDF to Word app as a document scanner, just take a snap of your document and it will be saved to your phone. Of course, you can do with it almost everything you want, like we mentioned above.

In conclusion, using iPhone to manage files, scan papers, sign or edit PDFs is a true time-saver. Not only will you meet all deadlines and respond to your clients promptly, but you will also have time to do other tasks when you get back to work.