Must-Have Productivity Apps for Lawyers

legal technology

It seems that lawyers are not as quick to adopt technology in their work as some other business professionals, such as educators, marketing and media specialists, accountants, etc. The reason for this is that many of them believe that practicing law with the help of innovative tech solutions could be risky for their business. For example, storing confidential contracts and papers on cloud platforms perhaps doesn’t seem as safe as the traditional way of storing paper documentation.

However, at the pace that technology is progressing, and especially at the pace that everyone seems to be embracing it, the legal sector cannot resist the change in their traditional working environment. Slowly but surely, today we have lawyers adopting different software solutions and technology for their internal communication, research and other important tasks.

Since a day in a lawyer’s work is filled with an extraordinary number of smaller tasks that can sometimes take a long time and prevent them from focusing on the important part of their case, some of the most useful pieces of new technology for lawyers are productivity apps. There are many productivity apps on the market today, precisely because developers have recognized the need for decreasing the amount of time needed for “side” projects. However, this abundance of software can also be a problem in itself. Who has the time to test and evaluate all those apps to find out what’s really helpful?

Luckily, we do. We’ve compiled a list of really great productivity apps that any lawyer will find helpful. Without further ado, let’s see what makes these software solutions so powerful when it comes to improving work and boosting productivity.

Edit legal reports

Pro Writing Aid is a powerful text editing, spelling and grammar checker which helps you improve your writing and saves you a lot of time in the process. It improves readability of a document by eliminating vague and complex words, locating repetitive sentence structure, removing redundancies and much more.

When dealing with sensitive data, as lawyers frequently are, it may happen that information is locked in a PDF document and thus impossible to edit. So, the next time this happens, you can either retype the whole text from scratch (as you may have been doing until now), or use a productivity app that converts PDFs to editable Word format. PDF to Word mobile app is excellent for this purpose, and it can be downloaded for free on iPhone or iPad. It is especially useful for lawyers because it can convert both native and scanned PDFs.

Store your documents

Saving documents can imply locking all papers in a drawer, saving them on the cloud or just scanning documents with your phone. Tiny Scanner is a mobile app that scans receipts, fax and other documents which can be considered a productivity asset when you are on the go. It simply turns your phone into a portable scanner.

DropBox is so well-known that there’s no need to describe it at length, but for those who don’t have experience using it, it’s enough to say that this cloud storage is among the most popular storage platforms out there. It allows users to store and synchronize their important documents for free and access those file from anywhere on the planet, as long as they have a computer or a mobile device and an Internet connection. The basic free plan offers 2 MB of space for files, but users can upgrade to more storage if they want.

Prepare your trial

When preparing for trials, you will also need a productivity helper. One such app is TrialPad which helps you annotate, organize and present evidence. This app is perfect for trial lawyers and helps them be more productive during courtroom preparation.

One more technology tool that will surely come handy for every lawyer is a juror selection app called iJuror.  It can help you with selection of jurors, information recording, taking notes and help you in general with organizing the selection process.

It is easy to see why productivity apps have such a luring effect on business professionals. They cut down the time spent on less important tasks and simplify work in such a way that it probably makes people wonder how we ever worked without them? Hopefully the apps we presented today will really make a difference and help the legal sector warm up to technology.