How to Always Open PDF in a Specific Way?

Depending on the file type, each PDF that we are working with opens in a default manner. For example, some files open in 200% view mode, while others open in two pages instead of one. This is usually not an issue, but when we are working on a dozen files, it can be quite frustrating because we then have to adjust Viewing settings separately for each document.

Here is how you can avoid this problem. Inside Adobe Acrobat reader, you can set up the default open settings.

To do so, go to Edit – Preferences.

preference in adobe acrobat reader

Now, choose the Page Display sections.
In the sections, Page Layout and Zoom, choose the appropriate settings instead of Automatic. You can set options so that each document opens to 100% zoom level or so that it always fits on the page. If you prefer to read on two pages, then you can set that option as well.

page layout opening PDF

Click OK, and that’s it! Now, whenever you open a new PDF, you can have it look exactly as you would like it to.

Don’t forget that you can also choose settings so that each PDF opens at the last page that you have read.

How To Create Drop-Down Cells in Google Sheets

There are various ways in which we can use Google Sheets. Crafting budgets, managing small projects and creating various lists are just some of the things we can do with this popular SpreadSheet tool. While most of our SpreadSheet work revolves around simple table tasks, once in a while there is a need for including more advanced features in the mix. And those features are, unfortunately, not as transparent as their simpler counterparts.


Introducing drop-down cells. In case you are not familiar with their role in our lives: they are basically cell boxes with preset multiple choices. They save your time by giving you pre defined values for each cell and thus give a wider functionality to Google Sheets. By utilizing them you can quickly assign team members to specific tasks on your project, grade performance or simply manage your resources.

Here is how you can create drop-down cells in Google Spread Sheet:

1) Go to Google Drive and open your SpreadSheet that you wish to add drop down boxes to.


In this case we have entered some example tasks that we want to assign to certain employees.

2) The next step is to add the values that your drop-down cells are going to contain. For this example we are going to use the names of the employees. Create a new tab and enter the names. This additional tab will be the source of the data for your drop-down cells.


3) Go back to your first tab and select the cells that you want to have the drop-down feature. Right click on your selection and then choose “Data Validation”.


4) On the pop up window, click “Select Data Range”, which is presented as a sheet icon on the right side.


5) Select the data of your choice. We switched to our “Employees” tab and selected the cells containing their names.


And that’s it! Each selected cell will now have a drop-down selection, something similar to the example below. You can assign values by clicking on them from the drop-down menu or by typing in the first letter, after which the cell will automatically fill.


Overall, this is a great Google Sheets feature that can significantly automate certain aspects of your work, especially if you are often dealing with several types of resources.


Do you know any other way of improving Google SpreadSheet performance? Share your thoughts in the comments.

How To Convert PDF Tables To Google Sheets

The reason for Google Drive’s popularity is evident – you can upload, edit and store your files online, without taking up the precious space at home or in the office. Besides that, it enables you to access and synchronize your files from multiple devices, therefore being a service of choice for many accountants, teachers, students and managers.

 Being a dependable tool, Google Drive is often a place to safely store a wide array of document types, including PDF files, which are, unfortunately, not editable by default.

The Drive does provide a solution to that problem: it allows you to convert PDFs to fully editable Google Docs format. This is a viable solution for any PDF file that has a lot of text, but what happens when you have to edit an Excel SpreadSheet generated PDF file?

 With Cometdocs PDF Converter app, you can convert PDF to Google Sheets in 3 simple steps:

 1) Find your PDF file and right click on it. Select Open With > Cometdocs PDF Converter.

convert pdf to google sheets

2) When prompted to select the conversion type, choose “to Excel (xlsx)”. You will be presented with the converted file.

convert pdf to excel

3) Click on “Open With” and choose “Google Sheets”.

google sheets from pdf

And there you go! You have successfully converted PDF into a Google Sheets document which you can now freely edit.

How to Create an Excel Spreadsheet in Word

One of the resources available for Office is the ability to combine two important programs that we use daily, such as Word and Excel. It is a way to link spreadsheet data with your Word document in only one file

To create an Excel spreadsheet in Word :

Imagine that you have a Word document and you have to insert an Excel spreadsheet. Click on the Insert tab and choose the Table button, then click the item Excel Spreadsheet.

insert excel spreadsheet

You will see the Excel window inside your Word document.

excel inside word document

Arrange your spreadsheet by inserting your data and setting your format.  You can also add formulas.

inserting a formula in word

Now you simply have to click outside of the worksheet to return to your Word document.




Create Citations and Bibliographies for your Academic Work in Word

Creating citations and bibliographies in academic work is very common. Every time we use another author’s work, we must refer this author and cite them. There is a way to do this with the features of Word that will make the process much simpler.

Let’s get to it!

1.First, Click the References tab.

2.Click Insert Citation.

3.Click Add New Source.

insert citation in word

Enter the information according to its bibliographic information.

create source in word

The reference to the author will be inserted into the document.

example of reference in word

The cool thing about using this feature is that the quote is saved and can be used as often as necessary.

As you create your quotes, you can also enter a bibliography.

insert bibliography in word

All you have to do is to select one of the options.