Comparing the XPS and PDF Formats

XPS and PDF are file formats that are compared very often because, essentially, they can do the same thing and are used for similar tasks. Both file formats are used for displaying, viewing, sharing and printing digital documents.

xps format Comparing the XPS and PDF Formats

However, they are not entirely the same. There are pros and cons that come with using either of the file formats. Let’s take a look at the pros of using XPS and PDF documents.

The Pros of PDF

  • One thing the PDF has going for it is the fact that it has already been established as the standard when it comes to viewing and sharing digital documents. It is much more popular than XPS and it’s used by more people. This means that more people work with PDF files and have the tools that are needed to view, modify and print these types of files.
  • When it comes to printing especially, the PDF has the edge. PDF standards that have been developed are specifically geared towards printing documents effectively.
  • PDF is a truly universal format. That means that no matter whether you are running Windows, working on a Mac or a Linux platform, you will be able to use DPFs effectively.

The Pros of XPS

  • PDFs are generally more expensive to use. If you have a newer version of Windows, using XPS files and creating them is supported within Windows. While there are many free PDF creators and readers, most professional tools for creating and manipulating PDFs need to be bought.
  • It is much easier to create software that works with XPS. XPS is an XML-based format, which makes creating tools to be used with it much simpler than developing PDF tools. While there are many more tools on the market for working with PDF, the fact that creating tools for XPS is much easier might eventually change that.
  • If you have Windows and Microsoft Office on your computer already, which many people do, then you don’t need to install anything else to read XPS files and work with them.
  • XPS files are generally even more compact than PDF files.

cometdocs1 Comparing the XPS and PDF Formats

PDFs are still much more popular than XPS files, and currently, there are no signs showing that this will change. However, both file formats give you a convenient way to deal with digital documents and each file formats has its share of advantages. Cometdocs enables its users to convert both PDF and XPS files into a large variety of editable file formats, including MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, image files, HTML and much more.

Cometdocs is Safe from Heartbleed Bug-Related Problems

Many of our users might have heard about the so-called Heartbleed Bug that has been discovered recently.

This bug affects OpenSSL, which is a cryptographic library that majority of online sites, ours included, use to secure Internet traffic and data.

OpenSSL is used by many Internet companies to provide security for their customers and users. From email clients to online banking services, there are many popular sites that rely on OpenSSL to protect the privacy of their customers.

cometdocs1 Cometdocs is Safe from Heartbleed Bug Related Problems

The Heartbleed Bug enables attackers to gain access to encryption keys that are used to protect such data. While there is nothing that users themselves can do to combat this potential threat, online companies can make necessary changes to prevent such attacks from occurring.

We would like to notify all of our customers, both free and premium users, that Cometdocs has taken the appropriate steps to protect them from the Heartbleed Bug. We have patched up our software and secured our Open SSL software.

Rest assured, your Cometdocs contents, email address, credit card information, and all other personal data is protected and safe from any threats posed by the Heartbleed Bug. Our development team responded immediately to remedy this issue.

Feel free to continue using your Cometdocs account just as you have been using it up to this point.

Using the Word Spell Check Option in Office 365

One of the great things about Microsoft Office 365 is that it brings cloud computing into the forefront more than ever before. When using any of the Office 365 programs, you are able to choose whether you want to work online or offline.

For example, when writing something in Word 365, connecting to your Microsoft account will give you a huge number of opportunities to not only perfect your document, but also share it easily and collaborate with others.

The spell check options in Office 365 are especially nice. The best thing about editing online is that users now have the option of spell checking their documents very accurately, no matter what language they are writing in.

Once you log in to your Microsoft account and open a new document, you will see the language bar at the bottom of the page. You can either set that to the language of your choice right away, or you can create your document first.

If you are done writing and are ready to spell check your work, click on the “REVIEW” tab and then click on “Spelling.”

You will then be given the option to “Select Proofing Language…”

set proofing language Using the Word Spell Check Option in Office 365

Now you can select the language you need.

choose spelling language Using the Word Spell Check Option in Office 365

Once you have selected the language that you are writing in, Office 365 automatically references an online spell checker for that language so that you can make sure you haven’t made any glaring errors in spelling and general grammar.

As you can see, all of the misspelled words that you have will be underlined with a red squiggly line.

Just right click on the underlined word to get a list of recommended spellings for that word.

recommended spelling Using the Word Spell Check Option in Office 365

6 Great Free Android Apps for Business Presentations and Meetings

The business world is evolving more and more every year into a mobile realm that no longer restricts work to an office setting. This has a lot to do with all of the great mobile technology that is enabling business people to take what they do on the go.

android 6 Great Free Android Apps for Business Presentations and Meetings

One shining example of this would be the many fantastic mobile applications that are now available for giving business presentations outside of the office. Here are six excellent free mobile apps for Android users that can enable you to hold professional business presentations anywhere with the help of your mobile phone or tablet.

1. Mighty Meeting

This is a great tool that makes carrying your laptop to meetings and presentations completely unnecessary. The app enables you to upload your presentation to the cloud and access it wherever you are through your mobile device. You can also send your presentation to others via a direct email link or give them a meeting ID that will enable them to view the presentation at any time. Anyone attending the meeting can chat by typing or with voice functions through this app as well.

2. Slide Rocket

Slide Rocket is pretty much a web-based version of PowerPoint that you can have with you at all times. It lets you create detailed, professional presentations online and store them in the cloud. You can also import PowerPoint slides into Slide Rocket if you prefer, making all of your favorite presentations and slides available in the cloud at all times.

3. Mindomo

This is a great tool that can be initially used for brainstorming. When all of your creative ideas are collected, you can turn your brainstorming activities into presentations to show your team. It’s a collaborative tool that can be used simultaneously by any number of coworkers and enables you to upload and add various media into your presentations, such as audio files, YouTube videos, and much more.

4. Studiopass

Studiopass is a meeting management application that will enable you to get all of your needed presentation details together. The interface enables you to streamline the entire meeting process, allowing you to invite your coworkers or clients into meetings and share a variety of documents with them. Documents can be worked on collaboratively as well within Studiopass. The app also supports integration with Dropbox, so that you can have access to anything you need directly from your cloud storage folder.

5. Fuze Meeting HD

 Fuze Meeting is probably the best free conferencing mobile app available for any platform. If you need to give a presentation or simply talk to customers, clients or colleagues remotely, this is the app to use. It has great options for video and photo presentations and can be integrated with most popular chat programs as well. It even gives you a virtual laser pointer to use during your presentations.

6. Anywhere Pad

Anywhere Pad is easily one of the best mobile, paperless boardroom applications that makes mobile meetings a breeze. Colleagues will be able to interact and communicate no matter where they are located and it’s also a great tool to use directly when planning out your next meeting or presentation without having to download or open any other apps within the process. It’s a very all-encompassing solution for remote meetings and presentations.

6 Excellent Tools for Enhancing Your Dropbox Experience

Dropbox is easily one of the most popular cloud storage services in the world right now, and with good reason. It is reliable, secure, and offers a good amount of free space and lots of opportunities for earning more storage space.

cometdocs integration 3 6 Excellent Tools for Enhancing Your Dropbox Experience

Since the tool is so popular, it’s only natural that many tools have cropped up that can help you to integrate other online services and tools with Dropbox and help you access the service more conveniently. Here is a list of our six favorite complementary tools for Dropbox.

Download to Dropbox

Everyone downloads files from their web browsers on a daily basis. If you want to send these files directly to your Dropbox folder for storage, there is a great Google Chrome extension for doing just that called Download to Dropbox. After it’s installed, simply right-click on any file you want to download and then choose to upload it directly to Dropbox.

Dropbox Plugin for Windows

This is a similar tool, but it can be used by anyone who is running Windows, regardless of the browser that they are using. All you need to do is right-click on the file and you can choose to download and move it to Dropbox right away. There is also an option that lets you have one copy of the file on your computer and another copy of it in Dropbox in case you are looking to have the file on your computer and in your cloud storage space.


One of the best things about Dropbox is that it allows you to access your files from anywhere. You can check your files from any computer or from a mobile device. This Chrome tool makes it extra easy to access your Dropbox files from your browser. No need to go to the Dropbox website and sign in to get to your files, this extension gives you direct access to all of your Dropbox files right from the browser, no matter what site you are on.


This is a cool iPhone application that allows you to record voice messages and then upload them to your Dropbox account automatically. It’s a great too if you want to take some verbal notes and reminders while you are on the go. Simply record the message and then upload it to your Dropbox so that you can listen to it later.

Conflicted Copy Pro

This is an excellent collaborative tool for teams working on documents together. If you want to only allow one person at a time to change a Word or Excel file you are working on together, this tool will help you do just that. With this installed, all editable files in your Dropbox will only be able to be opened by one person at a time.

Cometdocs Desktop App

Our desktop app is, of course, another great tool that can be integrated with Dropbox. After installing the app, head over to your Dropbox account, and with just one click you will be able to convert any files within the folder using our file conversion capabilities. Once the file is converted, the new version will be downloaded directly into your Dropbox folder and synched with the service.