Linear Regression Analysis in Excel

Regression analysis is a statistical process for establishing connections between certain variables. For example, we have one dependent variable and we want to determine how much other independent variables affect it. That is how we get a model of interdependence, and we can use it to predict the dependent variable’s value in the future. Excel uses the linear regression model. We’ll show you how you can apply it in Excel 2013 and 2010.

After you’ve prepared data for analysis, you need to turn on the statistical analysis add-in.

You can do this by going to OptionsAdd-ins. 

excel add ins1 Linear Regression Analysis in Excel

Click the Go button.

Check the first option which is used for statistical analysis.

excel linear regression Linear Regression Analysis in Excel

Now click on the Data tab and then double-click the newly introduced button Data Analysis. Choose Regression.

regression analysis in microsoft excel Linear Regression Analysis in Excel

Now you need to select data for analysis. In the field where it says Input Y range, you should select a column or row with the history of the dependent variable values, the variable that is affected by other variables and whose future value you want to predict.

input x y range Linear Regression Analysis in Excel

In the field Input X range select fields with independent variables. You can select only one variable, and that is called a simple linear regression. In case you have several independent variables, you have to place them next to each other in the document and select them that way.

selection of variables in excel Linear Regression Analysis in Excel


Select Labels if your data have a mark (the first field with the variable name). Also choose where you want the results of the analysis to be shown (in a new sheet or new document). After clicking OK, the analysis results will appear. As you can see, all important parameters for the analysis are there.

regression analysis output Linear Regression Analysis in Excel

Best Free Software for Searching through Multiple Word, Excel, PDF and Other Textual Files

When a number of documents pile up on our computer, it is hard to find exactly what we are looking for. If we forgot or are not sure about a specific document name, the only solution is to search inside the document’s content to find exact information about what we need. This isn’t easy, since Windows doesn’t allow searching inside documents. However, there are multiple free tools that can help us with that. These computer programs allow searching for a specific text string inside all documents on a computer, regardless of their format. They can be in any Microsoft Office, OpenOfffice, PDF, HTML and many other formats.

We are going to present to you the most popular tools for searching your document’s content.

1) AgentRansack

Agent Ransack has been popularly called Google for your computer, because it can search through basically anything.

search inside word pdf excel powerpoint files Best Free Software for Searching through Multiple Word, Excel, PDF and Other Textual Files

It can search for file names, file content, size and much more. We suggest that you specify an exact folder where your files are located to make the search process quicker. Otherwise, it can be long, depending on the number of files you need to search through. Regular expressions are also there to help you search better.

2) DocFetcher

DocFetcher is an open source software. It works with all types of document formats such as xls, doc, docx, txt, xlsx, odp, odt, rtf and many more.

docfetcher Best Free Software for Searching through Multiple Word, Excel, PDF and Other Textual Files

You can select which format you want to search, which can save you time significantly. Using this freeware is a little different, because you need to create a search index first. Simply select the folder for search, index it, and proceed with searching for documents. The tool displays search results instantly, but always make sure your index is up to date. This tool is pretty handy for research and similar.

3) FileSearchy

FileSearchy is useful because it integrates into context menu (something similar to our desktop app). Right-click on the folder, choose FileSearchy, and when the software opens, specify the keywords you want to search for within all documents in that specific folder.

search with file searchy Best Free Software for Searching through Multiple Word, Excel, PDF and Other Textual Files

This tool is smooth, fast, and what’s most important, accurate. You can use it for free but only for personal use (download the free edition).

Lastly, if you are dealing only with PDF documents, you can use PDF search functionality built inside Adobe Reader. We already wrote about it in our previous article, so make sure to check it out.

Guide to Working with Currencies in Excel

Working with currencies in Excel is extremely useful. By inserting a currency sign, we make sure the reader knows which currency we are working with in our analysis. We are going to use Excel 2013, but this tutorial is valid for all versions of Excel, 2010 and 2007 as well.

How to insert a currency symbol?

To insert a currency symbol, all you need to do is select the cell with the number, go to Home tab, and choose the cell format as currency.

insert currency excel Guide to Working with Currencies in Excel

The accounting format is also useful because it allows you to work with different currencies.

accounting currency formats Guide to Working with Currencies in Excel

How to change the currency symbol?

If you wish to change the currency for a specific cell, click on the More number formats. After that, choose the currency you need.

more number formats in excel Guide to Working with Currencies in Excel

change default currency in excel Guide to Working with Currencies in Excel

However, if you need to change the default currency that Excel uses, you need to do it from the Control Panel settings.

Go to Control PanelRegion and Language SettingsAdditional Settings.

region and language additional settings Guide to Working with Currencies in Excel

Now choose the Currency tab and the desired default currency symbol. This can significantly save your time.

customize format curreny Guide to Working with Currencies in Excel

How to convert between currencies in Excel?

To convert between currencies in Excel, you need an exchange rate for them. The exchange rate could be live, but that would require some more complicated procedures, which we are going to explain in future articles.

currency converter excel Guide to Working with Currencies in Excel

For now, what you need to know is that you can simply multiply one currency with its exchange rate and you will get an appropriate number.

How to Edit Any PDF on Your iPad for Free

PDF format is frequently used by office workers, students and educators.  It is quite popular because of its universality, ease of printing and appealing design. The rise of mobile devices didn’t hurt the PDF format; in fact, it made things easier for everyone. Now, you can send a PDF from your computer to your mobile device in seconds and read the file wherever you are.

There are plenty of apps which allow us to open and read PDF documents on our iOS devices, but not many of them provide the editing option. Today we are going to present you a couple of apps that do.

1) Adobe Reader for annotation and drawing

Adobe Reader is an excellent reader for both desktop and mobile device. Reading the PDF on iPad is a lot easier now, because we can highlight paragraphs, quotations, make annotations and comment directly on the PDF. It certainly makes the whole reading experience a lot better.

So, to open the Editing menu, simply click on the small comment icon in the upper menu of the PDF file. You will be presented with multiple choices.

edit pdf on ipad How to Edit Any PDF on Your iPad for Free

You can add comments, annotations, highlights or draw things manually on the document.

editing features in adobe reader ipad How to Edit Any PDF on Your iPad for Free

There is always the Undo function if wish to revert to the previous state, and don’t forget to Save all edits once you finish.

draw on ipad pdf How to Edit Any PDF on Your iPad for Free

Also, you can change the colors of your highlighted text and Opacity. This can be a pretty useful option as well.

edit colos and opacity of comments adobe pdf reader ipad How to Edit Any PDF on Your iPad for Free

2) Cometdocs mobile apps for conversion and creation

Sometimes we wish to delete part of the text from the PDF document, table or presentation and insert adjustments. That is not possible in Adobe Reader, but it can be performed with Cometdocs mobile apps and free apps for Microsoft Office. The principle is very easy. Convert the PDF to an editable format, and then make the necessary edits. After that you can convert the document back to PDF.

First, you need to install the free version of Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint for iPad which allows you to insert, delete and create documents.

pdf to word excel powerpoint How to Edit Any PDF on Your iPad for Free

For example, you need to install the PDF to Word converter from the App Store, if you want document edited in Word. If it is a simple table or a presentations, then you might want to consider the PDF to Excel, or PDF to PowerPoint app. See the full list of available apps here. All of the mentioned apps are completely free to use without limits.

Open you PDF in PDF to Word and wait for the conversion to finish. Now open the converted .docx document in Microsoft Word, and make the necessary edits.

open file in pdf to word and docs How to Edit Any PDF on Your iPad for Free

After you’re finished, simply open the document share button, and choose the option Send as PDF to convert your file back to the universal PDF format.

How to Protect Your PDF File from Printing and Converting

The PDF is difficult to edit, but we can always convert it to other formats with Cometdocs and modify the file that way.  However, sometimes we want to prevent people from doing this.  We are OK with users being able to open and read the PDF, but we want to prevent them from converting or editing the documents in any other way. There are numerous reasons for this. Maybe the owner of the PDF is sharing sensitive information that can cause a lot of problems if changed.

The solution is to protect the PDF with an owner password. There are different levels of protection that we can set and modify, which helps us control how our document is used.

Have in mind that you should keep your password somewhere safe in case you forget it. If you forget it, you won’t be able to recover it, and your document will forever stay protected and impossible to convert or edit.

We are going to introduce two free ways to protect your PDF from unauthorized use.

1) PDFRider

PDFRider is a lightweight free software, which really does a good job in modifying PDF files. One of its many features is the possibility to secure PDFs.

Install the software, and open the PDF file within the tool.

open document in pdf printer How to Protect Your PDF File from Printing and Converting

After that, click on the Tools – Security.

click on security How to Protect Your PDF File from Printing and Converting

Click on the Edit password, and enter it. You’ll see all the editing protection features, such as protection against printing, copying content, modifying annotations, and more. Each of these features ensures that the user is not able to convert the document.

prevent copy printing modifying content in pdf How to Protect Your PDF File from Printing and Converting

As you can see here, we are adjusting the Edit password option. Users will be able to open the PDF but not modify it. However, if you set up the open password, nobody will be able to see the contents if you don’t provide them with the password.

Simple and easy. At the end you have to Save everythig. Go to Application – Save.

2) iSafePDF

This is another open source, free tool which performs really well. Its only drawback is that it might be a bit difficult to use.

Install the app and open it. Specify which PDF file you want to protect, and also where you want to save it. You can see that we have added an extra number following the document name, so that we don’t overwrite the original document.

encrypt pdf document. How to Protect Your PDF File from Printing and Converting

Now, after you have specified what document you want to protect, go to the Encryption tab.

pdf password protection How to Protect Your PDF File from Printing and Converting

Enter the password you’ll be using. The tool works in the similar way as the previous app. You have one user password (the password needed to open the document), and an owner password (the password needed to edit the document). Below you have a checkbox where you can set and modify which rights the document will have. Uncheck everything you don’t want, for example, the ability to print, copy, modify the text and more.