How to convert large files more easily with Cometdocs

When working with digital documents, you will have the need to convert extremely large files every now and then. Tackling the conversion of such large files can often be problematic when trying to convert via your web browser.

Most online file conversion services are available through the browser, but uploading a large file for conversion that way can slow you down. Not only will it take a long time to do, but the uploading process might also slow down your ability to surf the Web or even crash your browser.

You might even forget that you are uploading something after a while and close down your browser, effectively losing all of the time you spent uploading your file.

The easiest way to avoid this problem entirely is to use the Cometdocs Desktop App. If you need a large PDF file converted or you want to turn a large file into a PDF, simply download and install the Cometdocs Desktop app to avoid having to use a browser entirely.

convert to other formats cometdocs11 How to convert large files more easily with Cometdocs

To use the app, simply right-click on the file you want to convert and select your conversion option. The file will be uploaded in the background and the entire process is completely independent of your browser.

And as soon as the file is uploaded and converted, it will be downloaded automatically into the folder in which your original file is located.

So if you need to convert large PDF files into Excel, Word, PowerPoint, image formats or other file types and you don’t want to have to do it through your browser, the Cometdocs Desktop app is the perfect solution.

It works on Windows 7 and 8, and allows you to convert PDFs and create PDFs online, for free, and directly from your desktop without having to ever open your web browser.

10 Great Sites for Finding Free Icons, Graphics and Images

Not everyone creating a website or blog is a graphic designer or has the resources to hire one to work on their website. Thankfully, there are plenty of sites out there that give you excellent options for downloading free icons and graphics that you can use to decorate, design and create your website.

icons web designers 10 Great Sites for Finding Free Icons, Graphics and Images

Since there are so many of these types of websites out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are some of the best website to browse when looking for high quality and easily scalable icons and images for your website.

1. Find Icons

The best thing about Find Icons is the fact that it’s so easy to search when you are looking for something very specific. You can search all of the images and icons in the database by color, style and background style in order to find the perfect match for your site’s design.

2. PSD Graphics

If you are looking for graphics that are already prepared and ready for you to edit in Adobe Photoshop, this site is ideal. There’s a huge variety of graphics and images that you can download and use for free, and best of all, most of the images and icons are already created in the PSD file format so that you can open them and edit them with easy before applying them to your website.

3. Icon Archive

One problem with this site is that it really isn’t that well organized and that there are a lot of low quality images to go with the better quality ones. However, the search function is impressive, which allows you to easily sort through the site and find what you are looking for exactly. You can search according to color, size, style, background color and the site also offers you four different sizes of PNGs to download depending on the image quality that you need.

4. FreePik

There’s a lot more than icons to find here at FreePik. You will be able to find some great icon packs, but the site also offers banner designs and many other visual assets that can help you to create a website, presentation, or even a print magazine with free, high quality images.

5. Fontello

This is a different type of website. Instead of just giving you free fonts, images and icons, this site lets you create your own from scratch. You can pick the type of icons you want, change their size and then download the icons to your computer. You can do the same with fonts and download a webfont bundle that will be ready for use on your website.

6. Icon Finder  

IconFinder is pretty much a search engine that is designed to help you find cool, free icons. The interface is great, which makes it very easy to use. All you need to do is type in a keyword and then scroll through a list of icons and images that the search generates for you. All of the images you find can easily be downloaded to your computer.

7. Socialico

No matter what type of website you are creating, you are going to have to integrate a social media aspect into it. This website focuses on icons and images that you can use to link to your social media sites. You can find hundreds of options for all of the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but also less popular ones like deviantART.

8. The Noun Project

When it comes to web design today, it seems that simplicity is king. The Noun Project is the perfect site to check out if you are looking for very consistent and minimal designs when it comes to background images and icons. Anyone looking for a neat and modern look for their websites, you should check this out.

9. IconToucan

The interface of this site is what’s really interesting about it. It allows you to very easily take any font, image or icon that you like and simply drag and drop it in order to download it to your computer. Just drag and drop everything you want and then download all of the items conveniently to your computer in the form of a ZIP file.

10. Iconic

Here is another great resource for people who are looking for minimal images, graphics and icons for their websites. The grid system that is used to create the icons makes it easy to work with small and large scale images, depending on what you need.

Lastly, here’s an easy how-to we have written for anyone who needs to convert a PDF to image.

The most accurate way to Convert PDF reports to Excel spreadsheets

Writing reports is not easy, they have to look good and be easy to skim through. However, they also have to be detailed, informative and functional. The best format for reports, no matter if they are financial, expense, business-related or commercial reports, is the PDF. This format can be opened and viewed equally on all platforms, so you don’t have to worry about losing your original formatting when sending the data to others to see. Plus, the PDF looks nice, and can be customized and designed very easily.

financial sales commision report convert to pdf The most accurate way to Convert PDF reports to Excel spreadsheets

Second, the PDF format can’t be edited once created, so you can be sure that nobody edit it or accidently delete the information you are presenting in your spreadsheet, effectively ruining the entire document.

However, sometimes you want to re-use data from somebody else’s report or your old reports. And while the table structure is visible in PDF, a simple copy/paste won’t preserve the layout of your rows and columns.

In such a situation, you can use Cometdocs – a free file converter that offers free and accurate PDF to Excel conversions.

Tables and graphs can be easily extracted into editable spreadsheets. The structure of your rows and columns will remain intact, and look the same as they do in the original document in the newly created and easily editable .xls file.

Upload your PDF files to Cometdocs, like you see in the image.

convert pdf reports to pdf The most accurate way to Convert PDF reports to Excel spreadsheets

Drag the file to the conversion box, and choose the appropriate format.

Now you need to wait a couple of minutes for the conversion to be completed. As soon as it’s finished, the new file will be waiting for you in the Store tab or sent to your email, from where you will be able to download it directly to your computer, send it to others, or store it online.

7 Free Tools for Creating Drawings Online

Something drawing is the best way to illustrate an idea. Whether you are trying to explain a new idea to your team at work or you are trying to jot down some of your ideas, it’s always helpful to have a pencil and pad with you.

And if you want to your drawing on the computer, there are ways to do that as well. There are plenty of free online tools available that give you a virtual whiteboard for drawing on whenever you need to illustrate something for yourself or for your co-workers.

Here are seven excellent and completely free websites that allow you to create drawing online.

1) Psykopaint

If you want to quickly draw something to save and use for later, you can start from scratch using Psykopaint and get your idea down on this virtual art board. If you are in a creative mode and want to do something more artists, this website also allows you to upload pictures and then draw on them, or use some of their sample pictures to start off with. It offers plenty of pencil and brush styles to choose from and allows you to work on your drawings in layers just like you would in Adobe Photoshop.

2) Scribbler

This is a really cool and very intuitive tool that can help your drawings look great even if you are terrible at it. Just make a sketch of what you want to draw and then press the “Done Drawing” button. If you have made a somewhat coherent drawing, Scribbler will put together a better-looking sketch of what you wanted to create.

3) Sketchpad

Sketchpad is probably the most advanced online drawing tools of this type. It’s still very easy to use, but it offers a lot of options when it comes to choosing colors, gradients and patterns when putting your drawings together. When you are done, simply click the “Save” icon up top and save the drawing to your computer.

4) Artpad

This is a very rudimentary online sketching tool, but it’s fast and easy to use. Once you are done with your drawing, you can not only save it, but also send the drawing to anyone you want directly from the website.

5) FlockDraw

FlockDraw is great if you want to collaborate with others because groups of people can use it at the same time. If you are looking for a very simply whiteboard tool for holding an online meeting with business associates, this is perfect because an unlimited number of people can be invited into the room to view the drawing in real time.

6) Cacoo

Cacoo is one of the best ones for business purposed. Instead of offering only free-form drawing options, it gives you the ability to draw diagrams, mind maps and flow charts easily. It’s a more professional looking option compared to the other tools that don’t offer such templates for creating shapes and diagrams.

7) Pencil  

This is an open source drawing option for Windows, iOS and Linux users that allows you to not only draw, but also animate your drawings from either bitmap or vector images. However, this is not an online tool – you are going to have to download and install it to use it. However, it is still absolutely free.


Free and Easy to Use Tools for Drawing Mathematical Functions

When it comes to tools that can aid you in drawing mathematical functions and presenting them graphically, there are plenty to choose from. However, most of them are specialized tools that are certainly not for novices. Most of the best ones are strictly mathematical programs such as MATLAB, which are pretty complex for people who are not that mathematically inclined.

Thankfully, there are some excellent tools out there that are not only free, but also give you an easy way to plot and draw math function and formula even if you’re not an expert. These come in handy for when you want to represent some type of numerical data in a visual way, like when presenting a report at work or a term paper in school.

Here are four great tools that you can use.

1) FooPlot

fooplot draw math functions Free and Easy to Use Tools for Drawing Mathematical Functions

This is a fantastic online tool that lets you work from within your browser. It works with all browsers as well. Use it to easily plot not only functions and to find the roots and intersections of graphs. It’s great for any student or teacher that needs to not only plot out these functions, but also embed the image later for presentation. You can change the colors of the lines and when you are done, you can transfer the drawings into a presentation program like Microsoft PowerPoint or save it as an image file or PDF.

2) Graph

Plotting of mathematical functions Free and Easy to Use Tools for Drawing Mathematical Functions

If you would rather work with an online tool than a web browser-based one, Graph might be the perfect one for you. It’s an open source application that is very lightweight and installs in no time at all. You can use it to draw graphs of functions in a coordinate system and create visuals very easily that you will also be able to later place into another program for presentation.

3) Graph Sketch

graphsketch Free and Easy to Use Tools for Drawing Mathematical Functions

Graph Sketch is an online tool that is similar to FooPlot and might be even easier to use. All you need to do is enter your equation, choose some settings to personalize your graph and then create it. It also allows you to save your graphs directly to your computer so that you can use them in worksheets and presentations. You can also create a permanent link for your graph that you can share with others via URL.

4) Graphing in Excel

excel charing tools Free and Easy to Use Tools for Drawing Mathematical Functions

If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, you can use the program to create graphs from functions. You need to have the values for all independent variable X in order to calculate the dependent variable Y and show this in your spreadsheet.

To do this, make sure that you enter the data in two adjacent columns, and make sure that the X data is in the left column.

Now position the cursor at the top of the X column, click and hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the bottom of the Y column to select everything.

Once all of the data has been selected, click on Insert > Chart and choose the box that reads “XY (Scatter)“ and click Next.

Now click on the X-Y pattern without lines and then click Next.

Give your graph a name by clicking on Chart Title and labeling it.

Now click separately on the “Category (X)” and “Value (Y)” boxes and type a label for each.

Select “As New Sheet“ and then click on Next.

Now click Finish to create your X-Y plot of the data.