The Best 3 Ways to Protect Excel Sheets

Creating reports, analyses and charts can take a lot of time. That is why we don’t want to jeopardize our work when we share it with somebody else. We don’t want someone to change what we entered, even by accident. Even one small edit can mess up the whole calculation, and our work can go to waste.

For these reasons, most Excel users resort to some kind of protection. This can mean preventing users from editing the spreadsheet, protecting only specific cells, and so on. We have compiled a list of all those protective measures in one article, and after going through it, you can choose which choice suits you the most.

  • Password or editing protection

When saving the final version of your Excel document, you can set a password to prevent users from opening or modifying the document, unless they know the password. Go to Save As menu – choose ToolsGeneral Options in the saving dialog.

password protect your excel spreadsheet The Best 3 Ways to Protect Excel Sheets

Now enter the password you want.

password to open excel or password to modify The Best 3 Ways to Protect Excel Sheets

The first password (Password to open) prevents users only from opening the document, but after that they can edit it freely. The second password allows users to view the spreadsheet, but not to perform modifications.

  • Print Excel sheet to PDF

Creating a PDF report out of your Excel sheets might be the best way to protect your documents. With this option nobody is offended, and everything looks more professional. You have to make sure that the printed spreadsheet looks nice, so feel free to add a title and perform some simple Style modifications.

styles in excel The Best 3 Ways to Protect Excel Sheets

After that, you can go to the Print menu to set up an option of fitting the whole table (or rows and columns) on one page, if you want. There is a preview button, so you will see how it looks.

print excel sheet to pdf The Best 3 Ways to Protect Excel Sheets

And now go to the Save As menu again, and choose PDF in the dropdown menu.

save as pdf excel spreadsheet The Best 3 Ways to Protect Excel Sheets

You can always convert your PDF back to Excel, with Cometdocs.

  • Protect Sheet/Lock Cells

You can protect the whole sheet from being edited by clicking on Protect Sheet button and entering your desired password. You can also choose what the protection will include.

protect sheet The Best 3 Ways to Protect Excel Sheets

Alternatively, you can leave some cells out of this protection. Before you click on Protect Sheet, select all those free entry cells, right-click on them, then go to Format Cells.

format cells excel The Best 3 Ways to Protect Excel Sheets

Next hoose the Protection tab and unclick the Locked button. Now the Protect Sheet functionality will not work for these cells.

cells are unlocked The Best 3 Ways to Protect Excel Sheets

They will be free to edit by anyone.

Use iPad to Improve Your Skills in Excel

MS Excel software is so complex and flexible that one can’t learn all of its functionalities in a short time. In fact, you can spend years studying Excel, and still feel like you don’t know enough. Every professional will tell you that. There are so many things this amazing software can do, that learning it can take forever.

That is why we suggest you to start learning Excel as soon as possible. The earlier you start, the more you will accomplish. Mastering all the necessary skills can take months, but in return you will be more productive in your work, and able to stand out in your working environment.

microsoft excel spreadsheet Use iPad to Improve Your Skills in Excel

The iPad is an excellent tool for learning Excel, and that goes for both versions of Excel, mobile and desktop. Watching video tutorials on iPad is more convenient, plus you can use it as a second screen. While you watch tutorials on iPad, you can use your desktop computer to practice what you learned.

Here are the three best ways to use iPad as an Excel learning tool. Don’t forget that you can edit Excel sheets directly on your iPad with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, and convert PDF tables back to Excel with PDF to Excel app.

1) Udemy courses

Udemy is a platform for learning various skills. There are numerous courses offered, most of which are paid, but there are some amazing ones that are completely free. Simply create an account, search for Excel tutorials, and filter search by price to find free courses.

2) GFC Excel learning course

GFC Learn Free has its own app for learning to use some basic Excel features. It received some pretty good comments, so we definitely recommend that you check it out.

3) YouTube

There are plenty of amazing Excel tutorials on YouTube. Maybe you’ll need to spend some time finding what you like, but it will be worth it. You can start from this list, but a simple search will bring up wonderful results.

Best Apps to Unzip Files on iPad and iPhone

People usually zip files when they want to group or archive multiple files into one. That way all zipped documents behave as one file. This makes it much easier to manage them all at once. Let’s say you have a group of 100 PDFs on a similar topic, and you need to send them to someone over email or web. Instead of sending each file at a time, and repeat the process 100 times, you can do it just once. You just need to zip all files into one folder and send it wherever you need.

This is the reason our mobile iOS apps for PDF to AutoCAD and PDF to Images conversion use Zip files when the conversion output format contains multiple files. For example, you can convert a PDF which has 55 pages into a set of 55 images, and you’ll get a zipped file which contains all those files.

However, Zip is not a native format on iPad or iPhone, so you might get confused how to extract those files from a zipped folder. Today we are going to present to you a couple of apps that will definitely be beneficial for you.

1) iZip

This app has a pro and a free version, but the free version is more than enough. It unzips all the files from your iOS device easily in just one tap.

izip files Best Apps to Unzip Files on iPad and iPhone

2) WinZip

WinZip is a pretty powerful app. It helps you unzip or zip files instantly.

winzip for ipad Best Apps to Unzip Files on iPad and iPhone


Convert PDF to Images (JPG) on Your iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Although both PDFs and images are difficult to edit, sometimes we need to convert between these two formats. For example, it makes sense to convert images to PDF when we want to ensure long-term archiving of our photos. Similarly, we sometimes need to extract content from PDF in the form of an image, whether because we are required to send our photo in some specific image format, or because we want to make further edits to the file.

When converting from PDF to an image, it’s useful to know that all pages of a PDF can be converted to the chosen image format. Our Cometdocs converter can easily achieve this, and we have already shown you how.

Today we are going to show you how you can perform a similar operation on your mobile phone, iPad or iPhone. The Android version will come out soon as well. One extremely convenient thing about this app is that it can convert all pages from your PDF document into images in JPEG format. (More formats will be available soon, so stay tuned). If you need other image formats, you can use some of the pretty good image converters like XnConvert.

First you need to install our app for converting PDF to Images. Now open your PDF that you want converted. Go to Open In or Share button.

open in pdf ipad Convert PDF to Images (JPG) on Your iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Now, on the list of all available apps find our app called PDF to Image.

convert pdf to image on ipad iphone Convert PDF to Images (JPG) on Your iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Tap on its name and the conversion will start automatically. This service is completely free, but you might be prompted to wait in queue for the conversion to finish.

If the PDF has only one page, then you will simply download the new image in JPEG format. If, however, the PDF has multiple pages (a more likely scenario), then all the images will be zipped into one download file.

pdf to image application ipad Convert PDF to Images (JPG) on Your iPhone or iPad (iOS)

So, basically you need to have an app which opens Zip format on your iPad or iPhone. You can find plenty of them for free, so that is not a problem.

zipped result images Convert PDF to Images (JPG) on Your iPhone or iPad (iOS)

All converted images will be waiting for you in the application.

How to Modify or Create a New Style in Microsoft Word 2013?

Styles and Themes are among Microsoft Word’s most amazing features. They make your documents look neat and professional, and you don’t need to invest much time in editing them. There is a huge set of already predefined themes in Word 2013, which you can access from the Designs tab. If you don’t want your document to be too colorful, you can always change the colors using the nearby button Colors.

themes in word 2013 How to Modify or Create a New Style in Microsoft Word 2013?

Adjusting themes and styles can come handy in a situation when you want to convert a document, maybe a scanned one, and you want to make some fast post-conversion adjustments.

Modifying a style

 Open the Home button.

Select the style you want to modify and click the right mouse button. Select the command Modify by clicking on it. In this example we will change the style of the Title.

modify stile in word How to Modify or Create a New Style in Microsoft Word 2013?

Now go to Format in the lower left-hand corner and select which parameter you want to change: font, paragraph, tabs, border, language, etc. In our example we will change the color of the tile. Feel free to explore your options.

modify the default style settings How to Modify or Create a New Style in Microsoft Word 2013?

Creating a new style

If you don’t like the current set of styles, you can always add a new one. You don’t have to modify existing ones. Simply click on the small arrow in the Home tab, below Styles.

Now scroll to the bottom and click on New Style.

create new style in word add to the existing list How to Modify or Create a New Style in Microsoft Word 2013?

Enter all the details you want and the new style will be ready. Don’t forget to add it to the Quick Style list if you plan to use it frequently.

add details for newly created style How to Modify or Create a New Style in Microsoft Word 2013?

Automatically Updating Styles

To have Word automatically reset the selected style whenever you apply some manual formatting to any paragraph that uses this style, just make sure to select Automatic Update whenever you make changes. Also, you can choose whether you want this to be valid only for the current or for any future document. We advise you to be careful with this feature.

automatically update How to Modify or Create a New Style in Microsoft Word 2013?

Note that this is not valid for the Normal style.