Best Online Document Management Tools

Online document management tools are essential for people who are always working while on the go. There are times when you have to work, but can’t get to your home computer to do so. In times like these, online document management tools enable you to work on all your projects, no matter where you are and what programs and applications you have at your disposal. As long as you have an Internet connection, you will be able to complete all of your work in a timely an efficient manner with the help of these convenient and easy-to-use online tools. Online tools have numerous advantages over desktop offline tools among which are: collaboration, file conversion, file storage possibilities and more.


One of the absolute essentials of working online is document creation. Where to start? Look no further than this category. It has a number of online applications that range from simple note taking apps to advanced documents editors.

1) Google Docs

Developed by Google, Google Docs is one of the most popular online applications for creating online documents. It has a lot of advanced features that makes document creation and file sharing easier and faster. Check it out.

2) Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is an online document management tool where documents can be easily created, edited and shared.

3) Adobe Buzzword

A perfect tool for online work. An online word processor — perfect for writing documents you need to access online or work.

4) ThinkFree

It’s common for people to have a ton of their documents online. With Think Free, these files can be viewed, converted, embedded, uploaded, and shared to your friends or colleagues.

5) Skydrive

Office Web Apps lets you access, edit and share your documents online.

6) LiveDocuments

Live Documents is a set of web-enabled, feature-rich applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations that increase personal productivity and facilitate group collaboration.

7) Shutterborg

Shutterborg is a free online word processor and document editing system.

8 ) Evernote

Evernote is a collection of software and services that allows users to collect, sort, tag and annotate notes and other miscellaneous information.

9) Clipmarks

Clipmarks lets users share just the best parts of webpages. Using their plugin, you can bundle together your favorite selections.

10) Ubernote

UberNote is a web notes tool enabling you to quickly store and access your content from anywhere.

11) Prezi

Prezi is a web-based presentation application with unique presentation options.

12) Sliderocket

Sliderocket offers an easy way to create and share presentations.

13) Chandler Project

Create a notebook you can organize, back up and share.

14) 280 slides

280 slides is an online web application where users can create presentations, access them from anywhere, and share them with others.


Now that you’ve got the tools to create files, you need a place from which to share and transfer them. There are a number of great sites that can do this. From popular FTP to simple file hosting, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

15) Yousendit

Yousendit allows you to easily send large files and email attachments.

16) Cometdocs

Cometdocs is a full all-in-on document management tools for file sharing, transfer, storing and conversion.

17) Dropbox

Dropbox is a very popular web-based file hosting service. Users can store and share their files online.

18) Filefactory

Upload and share files up to 500GB of free space.

19) SpiderOak

SpiderOak allows users to back up and synchronize data on any Windows, Mac, or Linux device

20) SugarSync

SugarSync is an online backup, file sync and sharing service.

21) Rapidshare

Rapidshare is one of the biggest online file hosting service.

22) Divshare

Document and media sharing online service.

23) service provides simple, intuitive content management, secure online file sharing and full-featured collaboration.

24) Depositfiles

Depositfiles is a popular online service for safe file transfer, storage, and distribution.

25) Fileserve

Share and upload files for free. Unlimited online storage.

26) Uploadedto

Uploadedto is a free online hosting service.

Filedropper is a free storage service. Files up to 5gb in size can be uploaded.

28) Senduit

Senduit is a simple file sharing application for files under 100MB

29) 4shared

4shared has a search function, allows users to upload and download files to their accounts and share links with other . Every user has 10GB of free space.

As their name says this website makes it very easy to send and share large files.

34) DropSend

DropSend is a service that provides answers to the two main issues of dealing with large files: emailing them, and storing them online.


Of course, one of the main attractions of working online is being able to communicate with your colleagues from anywhere. The following online applications are designed for just that purpose-and more. Take a look at what each of them has to offer.

36) Google Docs

Google Docs has excellent collaboration possibilities.

37) Zoho

Through set of Zoho online collaborative tools, it is easier than ever to get the entire team on the same page.

38) e-Tipi

e-tipi is a web-based Collaborative Thinking Platform, a great way to share, improve and bounce ideas off.

39) Creately

Creately presents a useful collaborative online diagram tool

40) Stixy

Stixy is an easy way to collaborate online. On their Stixyboards users can create tasks, appointments, files, photos, notes, and bookmarks.

41) HyperOffice

HyperOffice offers a complete online collaboration suite with numerous possibilities.

42) Bubbl

On Bubbl users can create colorful mindmaps to print or share with others.

43) Dabbleboard

Dabbleboard is an online real-tim collaboration application that’s centered around the whiteboard. Drawing tools are very flexible.

44) Twiddla

Twiddla is a free, no-setup, real time, web-based meeting playground.

45) Mind42

Mind42 is a free online mindmap collaboration tool. You can easily share and develop your ideas with your friends.

46) MindMeister

MindMeister is a free web-based collaborative mind mapping software for brainstorming and project management.

47) Showdocument

Showdocument is an online meeting and document sharing application.

48) Wikispaces

Wikispaces are simple web pages that groups, friends, and families can edit together.

49) Getbackboard

Backboard makes it simple to collect feedback from friends, co-workers, classmates, or anyone. It works with documents, images, text, and URLs.

50) Vyew

Vyew is a browser-based environment for communication, sharing content, enabling workflow; and all are captured, integrated and managed.

51) Agilewords

Agilewords is a free online document collaboration software for those people looking for a secure document review service for distributed clients and teams


Catering to the demands of certain software applications, you’ll inevitably need a document converter. Don’t worry about downloading or paying full price. The online apps listed below will cover just about any format you need at the price you need—free.

52) Cometdocs

Cometdocs is an online application which provides free online file conversion. It supports more than 50 file types.

53) Docx to Doc

Free online docx to doc conversion.

54) Adobe CreatePDF

This services enables online PDF creation.

55) Readthewords

Readthewords is a simple and easy to use free web service that will read the text.

56) ConvertICO

ConvertICO is a free online converter able to convert PNG to ICO (Windows 7, Vista compatible icons) and ICO to PNG format files.

57) MergePDF

This service enables you to combine PDF documents into one for free.

58) iSpeech

iSpeech is a free text to speech and speech recognition tool.

59) Yakitome

YakiToMe is a web-based text to speech application that allows you to convert text files to MP3 or WAV audio files.

 60) PDF To Excel

PDF to Excel is a free online conversion service for converting PDF files into Excel spreadsheets.

 61) PDF To Word Free Converter

PDF to Word Converter is a Free Online Tool for Converting PDF to Word.

 62) Convert PDF to Word Free Online

Another excellent Free PDF to Word Website. Quality of conversions is excellent.

 63) Free Online PDF Converter

A great online tool for free online PDF Conversion from PDF to MS Office format.


Project management tools are useful for creating team projects and controlling their implementation.  These tools are especially useful when managing multiple projects.

64) Todoist

 Todoist is a leading online to-do list and task manager.

65) TomsPlanner

Tom’s Planner is a web-based project planning system that allows anyone to easily create, collaborate, share and publish online planning.

66) Syncd

Syncd is a flexible and intuitive online service for tracking time and expenses.

67) Basecamp

Basecamp is a web-based project management and collaboration tool.

68) RememberTheMilk

RememberTheMilk is an excellent task list manager.

69) Toodledo

Toodledo is a powerful, online to-do list.

70) Memonic

Memonic is a web clip manager.

71) Hiveminder

Hiveminder is a web-based todo list and task manager to help you get (and stay) organized.

72) Project2Manage

Project2Manage is an online project management application that helps you stay up-to-date, on task and connected with your team.

73) FMYI

FMYI [for my innovation] is a collaboration site where you store and share information securely with your team.

74) 5pmweb

Web-based project and task management application for team work.

75) DeskAway

 DeskAway is a online team and project management tools that makes it easy to organize, manage and track projects.

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