How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

how to transfer photos from iphone to computer


Mobile phones have certainly replaced old cameras and now people use their phones to take photos. That is convenient because you don’t need to carry two devices, and you can have your photos at your fingertips, ready for publishing on social media or sending them to your family via Viber. But phones have their memory limits, so one day you simply have to get rid of some old photos to make room for new ones. 

Since computers have more memory than mobile phones, you should definitely consider storing your photos there. Clouds are another option, but every cloud storing tool also has the limit on the size and it can take hours to upload all those photos. That’s why it’s safer to choose a computer. So here is a detailed guide on how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer and have your photos available any time, even when you are offline.


There are different ways how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer and here we will cover all of them. This guide is suitable for all versions of Windows.


Use AutoPlay to sync photos from iPhone to computer


The easiest way to transfer photos from your iPhone is to take u usb cable and connect the phone with a computer. The AutoPlay window will open and you will be able to transfer photos from camera roll to your computer. The only disadvantage of this solution is the fact you can only transfer photos from the camera roll. The steps differ from version to version, so here are three different ways:


For Windows 7: When AutoPlay shows up, you need to click on the option Import pictures and videos. Then select the location where you want to save photos on your computer, simply clicking on the Browse button. Finally, Import to and OK buttons will transfer your photos to a computer.


For Windows 8: the process is similar, start by connecting the cable and you will be asked if the application should be trusted, so you need to confirm that by choosing the Trust option. Select the option to access the PC and then click on Review, organise and group items to import. If you click Next, your photos will be saved to the default folder. If you want to specify the preferred location go to More options first and browse the location. Finally, when you click Next you will be able to select group of photos to import and to finalize the process click on the Import.


For Windows 10: transferring photos from iPhone to computer is similar to previous versions of Windows. You can only transfer photos you took with your phone camera. When you plug the cable, the Photos app will pop up, click on the Import option, select photos you want to sync with a computer and click Continue to finish the process.


Sync photos from iTunes directly


Again connect the usb cable with your computer and iphone. It is required to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer, so the system can recognize your phone and the iTunes account. Open the iTunes, click on the icon of the device, in this case a phone, and go to Photos. Click on the Sync Photos option, and you will see the options you can choose from: to copy all albums, or only selected ones, to include videos, to select only favourites. Click Apply and then Done.


Usually these settings are set up in a way your photos are automatically synced to your iCloud. In that case, download iCloud for Windows and next to Photos you will see Photos Options. Tick the option to download new photos and videos to your computer. Click Change if you want to change the location of the downloaded photos and when you finish, click Done.




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