How to Translate a PDF on a Mobile Device

How many languages do you know? No matter what is the number, it may happen once in a while that you happen upon a document in a foreign language you are not familiar with. Of course, if the document in question is important it’s better you hire a translation agency. On the other hand, if … Read more

How to Edit a Purchase Order on an iPhone

If you run a small business or you work in a finance department of one company, you probably happen to use purchase orders to buy some additional gadgets, software for your employees or to procure the services. Purchase orders keep track of your inventory and supplies payments. On the other hand, if you are a … Read more

The Easiest Way to Convert Word to ePub

Until recently, the best way to convert Word to ePub was to use the Calibre software. Now, there is another excellent option – using the Google Docs export feature. Basically you can upload a PDF or Word document to Google Drive, convert it to Google Docs format and export it to ePub later. All you … Read more

Best Websites with Microsoft Word Templates

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used textual editors for creating different types of documents, such as press releases, letters, books, resumes, reports and more. Many people use Word on a daily basis for work. Once they start working on a document, beside content, they also have to worry about its design and … Read more

Create Citations and Bibliographies for your Academic Work in Word

Creating citations and bibliographies in academic work is very common. Every time we use another author’s work, we must refer this author and cite them. There is a way to do this with the features of Word that will make the process much simpler. Let’s get to it! 1.First, Click the References tab. 2.Click Insert … Read more

Working with SmartArt Graphics in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office’s SmartArt Graphics is a powerful feature that is often underused.When writing a document or creating a presentation, it is always recommended to present information and concepts in a visual way. This allows the reader to better comprehend everything you are trying to say.  Your readers or audience will be more easily engaged if … Read more

How to Modify or Create a New Style in Microsoft Word 2013?

Styles and Themes are among Microsoft Word’s most amazing features. They make your documents look neat and professional, and you don’t need to invest much time in editing them. There is a huge set of already predefined themes in Word 2013, which you can access from the Designs tab. If you don’t want your document … Read more

Best Free iPad Word Processing Apps

Tablets are great because they allow us to edit textual documents from any place we want. We are not tied to our desktop computers, but can bring our work with us, and work on it wherever we are. That goes for iPad which is a highly popular device, known for its efficiency and convenience. Since … Read more

How to Use Quick Parts to Increase MS Outlook and Word Productivity

Microsoft Outlook and Word offer such a vast number of tools that you just might end up missing some really great ones. One example of this is the “Quick Parts” tool, which many Microsoft users are still not aware of, even if they probably use Outlook and Word every day. Quick Parts is a tool … Read more