Ultimate Resource: iPad Apps for Teachers and More

Nowadays teachers are encouraged to use technology in the classroom given that it brings numerous benefits to both students and professors. On the one hand, by using technology teachers are able to manage their classes much easier, to engage their students with creative materials, to make interactive and interesting lessons and many other things. While on the other side, students will acquire knowledge faster since it is transferred in active and fun manner.  Therefore, one of the best ways to use technology in everyday teaching is to start taking advantage of many perks that iPad offers. It is small, light and easily portable in every occasion. Moreover, with its various useful apps, iPad will help you enhance and enrich teaching and learning experience. For this reason, here is a comprehensive list of different iPad apps for teachers that will improve and facilitate each aspect of your teacher’s life.


Communicate and collaborate with students

Effective communication, especially today, is essential for a good relationship. In that way feedback is provided which is crucial for future improvements and progress. Plus, there are no misunderstandings. Luckily, mobile technology can make daily school communication even more immediate and profound. Let’s see how.

communicate with students

EDMODO                    GOOGLE CLASSROOM                    REMIND

Manage documents without a hitch

Preparing materials for your lessons, grading papers and tests, reading and improving your skills is an integral part of teacher’s life. Sometimes, it can be time-consuming and frustrating to manage that huge pile of paperwork. However, it doesn’t have to be that way: these apps can make document management a breeze.

manage documents on mobile

PDF MERGE                     NOTABILITY                    IMAGE TO TEXT

Create flashcards

There are always new didactic approaches to try out and bring your classes to a higher level. Whether you want to apply a deduction method or simply to give a special touch to boring repetitions, flashcards will do the work. Therefore, here are some quick ways to make amazing flashcards that will engage your students.

create flashcards on iphone

FLASHCARDS+                       QUIZLET                   FLASHCARDS WITH CRAM 

Boost your productivity

Juggling between lessons, parent-teacher meetings, school duties, and many other things every now and then can be stressful and exhausting. In order to maximize your performance, it’s important to organize your time well, to stop procrastinating and to reduce distractions, of course. Easier said than done! But will help of these apps it can be done.

boost your productivity

BE FOCUSED                                     FINISH                                 MIND

EVERNOTE                                       ANY.DO

Organize classes in a few taps

Having a lot of classes and students, it’s getting harder to manage the classroom and keep track of students progress and their individual needs. So, maybe it’s time to quit traditional paper and give a chance to the modern apps that offer much more possibilities.

organize classes on ipad

CLASSROOM               SEESAW                  TEACHERKIT             CLASSDOJO 

Organize lessons with ease

It is said: “Proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance.” That’s the reason why it’s important to plan and organize your lessons well and thoroughly. So, let go your old notebook that you used for this purpose and check out these lesson planners with a clear design that will help you make your classes in no time and reuse them, if necessary.

organize lessons with ease

IDOCEO                                                PLANBOARD

Create presentations with whiteboards

Today, with poor concentration and short attention it’s an imperative to create interesting lessons that will involve students and above all, make learning process fast and long lasting. One way to do it is to create amusing classes with whiteboards that allow you to enrich the presentation with different text, graphic, audio and other elements. It this manner, your lessons will be memorable!

create presentations

EDUCREATIONS                      DOCERI                              HAIKU DECK

Create videos

Another way to make memorable lessons is to create entertaining videos that will be a great addition to traditional books. This is perfect for both, audio and visual type of learners. You probably thought this takes special tech skill, so you’re incapable of doing it. But you’re wrong. All you need it to know right apps that will help you make videos like a pro.

create videos

EXPLAIN EVERYTHING                                     SHADOW PUPPET EDU

Create books

Whether you need to create a tutorial or guide for your students or to give a form to your research, it would be nice to wrap it up into an appealing package. So, why don’t you create a tiny book that will embellish your ideas and make them even clearer? Luckily, there are some apps for teachers that can give a hand to make a handy visual wrapping for teaching materials.

create books


Make audio notes

Teachers are quite often surrounded by piles of papers: notes, to-dos, tests, lesson materials, and so on. However, there is a way to reduce a little bit paperwork. For instance, you can take audio notes –  not only is it faster, but it’s also paperless. You’ll take notes and record your ideas in no time and have them always by your side.

make audio notes

SMART RECORD                  DICTAPHONE                DRAGON DICTATION

Keep on learning

Like in every other profession, but especially for teachers, it’s important to learn new skills and to follow new trends in order to be good at your job and to excel. That’s why you need to educate yourself whenever you have time. Fortunately, nowadays free formal and nonformal education is easily accessible and here are some apps that can help you improve your teaching skills and discover some useful tips and tricks.

keep on learning

COURSERA                    KHAN ACADEMY                          LYNDA.COM 

Miscellaneous apps for teachers

Last but not the least, here are some useful iPad apps that can enhance your lessons, Check them out and apply them in your classroom!

useful apps for teachers


WOLFRAMALPHA                             YOUSICIAN


Plus, as a bonus, here are some different resources, such as texts, tools, videos and more to sharpen your teaching skills and to completely round up this ultimate resource article for teachers.


Teacher Resources

Education World

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iPad Apps for Teachers and More

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How to Convert Pages to Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular programs in the corporate world, since its release in 1983. It is an inevitable part of every computer that runs on Windows operating system. Because Windows is the most widespread among operating systems, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Word can be found on almost every computer.

Since it is an essential program for word processing in general, Microsoft Word is used for all kinds of business and personal tasks. That wide usage of MS Word may cause troubles to Mac users. Like Windows users, Mac users have a word processing program that is called Pages. It is like Word but it works only on Mac operating system.

Due to MS Word dominance over Pages, most business tasks that involve any kind of document sharing, management, require documents in Word format (.doc or .docx). For that matter, Mac users need to convert Pages to Word and get a file in a more universal and readable format.


Convert Pages to Word


To convert Pages to Word, follow these easy steps:


  1. Open your document in Pages.
  2. Click on the File menu and then Export To.
  3. Now click on Word.


convert pages to word



“Export Your Document” window will appear and you just need to click on the Word tab and choose the right format, .doc or .docx.


You can even set up a password in case you want to protect the document. To do so, tick the Require password to open.



pages to word



Upon clicking on the Next button you will be asked to enter a file name and select its location.


Finally, when you click on the Export button, your file will be converted from Pages to Word.



export to word


Next time you are asked to send a file in .docx format, don’t panic, you can easily convert Pages to Word and there will be no time to regret you are using Mac and not Windows, like most people.

How to convert WMA files to MP3 format

mp3 converter


As you may already know, there are dozens of different ways to convert a file from its original video format to an audio format, and here we are talking about it yet again. But why? The simplest answer would be this: you can never have too many choices! So, here’s another choice for you to make: do you want your WMA files converted to music on your mobile devices in minutes or seconds? We’ll get to that a bit later.

The set up

Now, we are not saying that pirating is good, nor are we encouraging you to go around illegally downloading WMA files and convert them to MP3 just so you can play them on your phone. That’s wrong. What we do encourage is legal conversion of non-copyrighted videos for the purpose of enjoying music, and similar miscellaneous purposes.


Listen to Mr. Mackey, mkay?


Imagine you are an aspiring young music producer who just received an email with a a fire beat on Youtube and it just so happens that it isn’t copyrighted. Some unknown artist sent you his sample, or wants to hear your opinion on it, or would like to have it edited in some way. What you want to do is convert that file so you can hear the audio version due to the significant difference in sound quality.

The solution

Although you could use a wide range of apps, none will get the job done as quickly and conveniently as this MP3 Converter. If this is your first time using the app, then you are in for a treat. Converting the WMA file shouldn’t be too hard, and the app even offers some inside info and a guide on how to convert WMA to MP3. Simply connect the app with your Gmail and you will be able to convert the file without any further issues.

how to convert wma to mp3

You can import files for free with any of these 5 services

But is it free?

Now, let us backtrack a little and try remember what we said about the speed of conversion. The app offers only one in-app purchase: a lifetime of fast conversions. What does that mean? Upgrading to the paid version will make it so that every file you want to convert will be taken care off in the matter of seconds. But that’s not even the best part, as you can convert as many files as you want, no matter how big the files are.


Of course, you can always opt out and not upgrade to the full version and you won’t lose anything other than a little time, as free conversions take several minutes to finish. This is due to the fact that fast conversions are done on premium servers, while free files are converted on our regular servers.


However, if you would like to have the full version of this app you can get it for free! If you make it in time, you can apply for a WatchMeTech giveaway which is going on for 24 hours. Feel free to give this app a try next time you are converting WMA files to mp3 and let us know your thoughts!

, ,

How to Make a Resume that Will Look Good on a Phone

If you are a job seeker you probably know how to make a resume. But do you know that your resume has to be mobile ready? There are two good reasons why you need to format your resume so as to be mobile friendly.


Reason one: You are away from your computer and you’ve just found a job ad of your interest. Maybe you were using Facebook on your mobile and spotted an ad. You want to apply for that job but your computer is far away. In that case, you can use a mobile device to send a resume, but you need to check if resume formatting fits mobile.


Reason two: No matter what device you use to send a resume, a computer or a mobile phone, chances are that recruiters might check job applications on the go. Too be sure that you stand a chance for a dream job, you need to check your resume prior to sending and see if it looks nice on your phone or tablet.


how to make a resume

Keep Resume Style Simple


If you use less known fonts and advanced MS Word options when you make a resume, it will make your resume stand out from others. However, using complex fonts and sidebars,won’t necessarily look good on a smaller screen. As a matter of fact, your resume can look very bad on a mobile phone. That’s why is safer to keep using well-known fonts and stick to general formatting settings.


              Present Your Best Content at the Top of the Resume


Take a look at the resume on your mobile phone or tablet and consider reordering the resume content. Put the most important content at the top of the resume because that is the first thing that a recruiter will see. He may even not scroll down till the end of your resume, so it’s better you present your most outstanding skills and qualifications at the top.


Save Your Resume in PDF


Given that MS Word document can lose its consistency and formatting when seen on other devices, you should better save a resume as PDF. PDF format is considered as the best solution for keeping data the same. It doesn’t matter if you have the same operating system or the same type of a device (a computer, a mobile phone), PDF file will look the same, which is not the case with Word files.


What Else Can You Do to Make Your Resume Mobile Friendly?


Well, you can keep it short and try to present information in the shortest possible way. Since we use mobile devices with the tap of a finger, and not with a mouse, it is hard to manipulate with hyperlinks. So make sure you set up the links so they can be opened with a single tap.


With well-formatted resume you have greater chances to catch recruiters’ eyes attention and eventually find a job.

How to Merge PDF Files on the Go

Everyone who is dealing with data analysis has come into a situation to have data collected in separate documents. If you want to compare data you collected, it would be easier if you can compile the data together. The only way to do that is to merge files, to make one file out of multiple files. Luckily there are tools that merge files and since PDF is the most popular file format, most tools usually merge PDF files only.

So, data analysis becomes more efficient if you merge PDF documents together. But what if you are away from your computer and you need to merge files? In that case, you can rely on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. They are remote and easily accessible.


How to Merge PDF Files on iPhone or iPad


First download PDF Merge and open the PDF file you wish to merge. You can open your PDF in any regular PDF reader, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox and any other app you use for storing PDF files.

Tap on the share button or the Open in menu and access the app by tapping on Copy to PDF Merge icon.

merge pdf


Another way to merge PDF files is via the app directly. Open the app and tap on the button Tap to Create New Merged PDF. Than add a PDF document by tapping on some of these buttons: Phone, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, depending on the location of your PDF file. You need to add at least two files to be merged but you can also add more.

You can rename merge PDF files, share them with others or move them to any other app you like. The files are merged on Cometdocs servers so the whole process will not drain your battery. Files are deleted from the servers the same day so you don’t need to worry about the privacy.


How to Merge PDF Files on Android


If you are an Android user, head to Google Play store to install PDF Merge for free. Start the app and tap on + button to choose PDF files you wish to merge. You need to select at least 2 files.


Tap on this icon  to merge files.pdf merge


If you want to use an app for free, there is a waiting time for merging files. It takes about one hour to get a new merged file, and it depends on the size of those files that are being merged, as well as your internet connection. You can merge as many files as you want, there are no limits whatsoever.