How to Split Cells in Google Sheets?

More and more people are using Google Sheets for their everyday spreadsheet needs.  It is a powerful tool for data analysis and manipulation. However, for some of its functionalities it is necessary to install add-ons. For example, if you want to split data from in cell into multiple cells based on a specific criteria, you would need to install the Power Tools add-on.

Here is how you can do it.

Go to Add-ons – Get Add-ons and search for Power Tools.

get add ons

After installing it, a new options will appear in the menu.

Go to Split menu.

split menu google sheets

Select the cells you want to split, and choose the criteria for splitting.

split cells criteria google sheets

Among available criteria you’ll find blank space, linked break, coma or any other custom character of your choosing.

How to Convert Instagram Images to JPG?

The images you post to Instagram are automatically saved in a folder on your mobile device. The folder is called Instagram and all your photos are stored there. However, what to do if you want to get someone else’s Instagram images on your device?

There are a few different solutions for that:

1. Export images onto your mobile device


If you want to get images from somebody else’s account onto your mobile device, you can do that by installing one of the following apps: InstaSave for Android or RollSaver for iOS. Each of them will allow you to export another person’s photos to your desired location.

2. Extract images from your browser

For this you’ll first need to log into the web version of Instagram. Go to the profile of the person whose images you want to save, or enter a hashtag that will help you find a specific person or types of images you are interested in.

Right-click the desired page and choose the option Save As in your browser.

save instagram as jpeg

Then select the option Web page – complete and enter the location where you want to save the photos.

complete webpage

A new folder will appear where all of the images from that webpage will be saved in JPG format.

 photos from instagram

How to Prevent Parts of Google Sheets From Modification?

The charm of Google Sheets is that it allows multiple people to work on a document together. However, sometimes we want to restrict access to certain areas of the spreadsheet. We want to make sure nobody edits a line or number by accident because that can mess up the whole sheet.
Of course, we can always put a comment next to a section that we don’t want to disturb, but comments can be missed or misunderstood. So, the best way to protect parts of the sheet from editing is to select them and choose the option Protect range.

protect range in google sheets
A new menu will appear where you can set up whom you want to restrict from editing data.

set permissions
And that would be all. Now, if a collaborator tries to edit content, they will receive a notification that such action is forbidden and they need to contact the content owner for permission.

edit protected cell or object in google sheets
This is a great way to protect sensitive information from being deleted or changed. We certainly recommend it.

How to Insert Content from a Webpage into Excel?

Sometimes we want to import a table from a webpage into Excel. People usually try to copy – paste it into the spreadsheet, which might work sometimes, but there are better options that are successful every time.
There are two ways you can import content from a page on the internet into Excel.

1) Opening the page

The first way is to simply insert the webpage URL in the File name field as shown in the image, and let Excel do its work. Go to File – Open – Computer – Browse and just paste the URL address in the blank field.

open webpage in microsoft excel
The import will last a couple of seconds depending on the page size. All content will be imported along with images and text, so it’s best if you import tables from the web in this way only if there is no other way to get the data. All the sentences and numbers will be properly aligned into rows and columns.
For further reuse we suggest that you copy – paste the needed data into a separate worksheet because if left in that same one, it may get lost.

2) Importing external data

The second and better way to import tables into Excel is to go to Data – Get External Data – from Web.

insert data from web
A new window will appear. Enter the URL address of the webpage. Once it loads there will be a small yellow mark next to each table.

select tables for import into microsoft excel

Click on the one you need and it will automatically be inserted into Excel. Very simple and time saving.

How to Edit PDF in Google Drive?

Many of us store and manage PDF files in Google Drive. It is an excellent tool if we want to share the files with someone or access them remotely. However, when it comes to editing, that is a bit more difficult because PDF is hard to modify, and there are still no inbuilt editing features that come with the tool. Of course, it is still possible to alter a PDF document, regardless of whether it is a table, presentation or text.
All you need to do is convert it to one of the formats Google Drive is able to work with. These formats are:

1) Google Docs

To transform a PDF into textual format, right click on it and choose Open with – Google Docs. Even the contents from scanned files will be accurately extracted.

open with google docs

2) Google Sheets

Getting tables from PDF into editable format is possible as well. All you need to do is install the Cometdocs PDF converter app.

cometdocs pdf converter app

Right click the file, choose Open with – Cometdocs and choose Excel as the conversion format.

convert to google sheets pdf

After that you need to wait a couple of minutes before the new file is downloaded to the same folder where the original is located. As you’ll see, the row and column recognition in sheets is the same as in the PDF table. The file is all ready to start analyzing.

google tables

3) Google Slides

Presentations can also be converted. Right click the file, choose Open with – Cometdocs  and then choose PowerPoint.

pdf to powerpoint

After the document is converted, simply choose Open with – Google Slides and the document will be ready for further modification.

pdf to presentation google drive