How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Cloud

With over 773 million sales in the world, it is safe to say that iPhone is widely used across the globe. Not only do people see it as a regular communication gadget, they also find it to be a revolutionary way of taking photos and capturing memories.

However, as much as using iPhone as a camera alternative is tempting because of the quality of images the iPhone is known for, this will eventually result in having your phone running too slowly due to memory shortage. In that case, you need to either delete some of your photos or move them to the cloud. There is an iCloud app that gives you 5GB of free space, but if you’ve been using your iPhone for a while and you like taking photos, you are probably running out of free space even with the iCloud, right?

So, when you find yourself in that situation, consider using additional cloud storage. Cometdocs is a pretty good choice in this case. It is a free cloud storage app perfect for keeping pictures and memories, plus users get 2GB free upon registration. It can be accessed via any browser directly from your iPhone.

How to Access Cometdocs Storage on iPhone?

Open a browser and visit Click on Create a free account and register to Cometdocs by filling out your name, email and password.

cloud storage

Once you register, you can upload photos directly to cloud by clicking on the Upload button as shown in the image below.

transfer pictures from iphone to cloud

Pictures can also be imported from Dropbox or Google Drive. Your pictures will be safe and secure, and your phone memory will not be so full any more. You will be able to make new photos or use the phone for some other purposes.

The whole process of registering with Cometdocs and using it is very smooth and straightforward, which makes this app a perfect match for your equally smooth iPhone. All that’s left is to test it out.

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How to edit a balance sheet on an iPad

Whether you are an accountant or a business owner, you probably have to deal with financial statements quite a lot. As a statement of the financial position of one company, a balance sheet is a particularly important document for both accountants and business owners. If you are a business owner,  it is proof of your business’ liquidity; if you are working in an accounting firm, it is the basis for ratio analysis of your client’s company. In either case, the next time you want to apply to a bank loan, for instance, you will be required to provide a balance sheet. Or if you decide to look for potential investors, they will ask you for your balance sheet data.

No matter how often you prepare your balance sheet document, every quarter or once month, the fact is that at one point you will need to snap your company finances in order to track your company or your client’s company performance. Sometimes you will even be required to compare one reporting period with another or to compare the balance sheet data with the data from other financial statements.

As balance sheets are, like all other confidential financial documents, usually saved in PDF format to easily prevent any changes in format and data, it becomes a problem when you want to edit the document, add more data to the current document or practically use old report to make a new one.

There is of course, one quite well-known solution: convert a PDF to an editable file format by using a PDF conversion tool. As balance sheets usually have assets and liabilities presented in a table, the best editable format to convert a balance sheet is definitely Excel. There are tons of different PDF to Excel tools on the market, some of them are desktop, others are web-based but what about mobile apps?

If you are a business owner or a busy accountant, you know how convenient it is to use an iPad or an iPhone to finish your work on the go. Next time you need to edit a balance sheet you can do it far away from your desktop computer. And here we explain how:


Open your balance sheet document that was previously saved in a PDF. You can open it via Gmal, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox or any app that has the Share button.

how to edit a balance sheet


Once you open the chosen document, tap on the Share button and from the Open in menu access the app PDF to Excel which you have previously downloaded on the app store.

The file will be converted in a few minutes or so, depending on how busy the servers are, how big your PDF is, and how fast the speed of your internet connection is. This app also converts scanned PDF documents, which comes in handy when you want to reuse old scanned financial documents. The converted file will be placed in the same folder where the original file is and you just need to open it in MS Office or any other mobile app that views Excel files.

convert pdf to excel on ipad

Although balance sheets represent the assets, liability and equity data frozen in time, you can defrost those data and edit them on your iPad in just a few straightforward steps. No matter how good you are at managing finances, this is one of iPad tricks that you should know about.

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Must-Have Productivity Apps for Lawyers

legal technology

It seems that lawyers are not as quick to adopt technology in their work as some other business professionals, such as educators, marketing and media specialists, accountants, etc. The reason for this is that many of them believe that practicing law with the help of innovative tech solutions could be risky for their business. For example, storing confidential contracts and papers on cloud platforms perhaps doesn’t seem as safe as the traditional way of storing paper documentation.

However, at the pace that technology is progressing, and especially at the pace that everyone seems to be embracing it, the legal sector cannot resist the change in their traditional working environment. Slowly but surely, today we have lawyers adopting different software solutions and technology for their internal communication, research and other important tasks.

Since a day in a lawyer’s work is filled with an extraordinary number of smaller tasks that can sometimes take a long time and prevent them from focusing on the important part of their case, some of the most useful pieces of new technology for lawyers are productivity apps. There are many productivity apps on the market today, precisely because developers have recognized the need for decreasing the amount of time needed for “side” projects. However, this abundance of software can also be a problem in itself. Who has the time to test and evaluate all those apps to find out what’s really helpful?

Luckily, we do. We’ve compiled a list of really great productivity apps that any lawyer will find helpful. Without further ado, let’s see what makes these software solutions so powerful when it comes to improving work and boosting productivity.

Edit legal reports

Pro Writing Aid is a powerful text editing, spelling and grammar checker which helps you improve your writing and saves you a lot of time in the process. It improves readability of a document by eliminating vague and complex words, locating repetitive sentence structure, removing redundancies and much more.

When dealing with sensitive data, as lawyers frequently are, it may happen that information is locked in a PDF document and thus impossible to edit. So, the next time this happens, you can either retype the whole text from scratch (as you may have been doing until now), or use a productivity app that converts PDFs to editable Word format. PDF to Word mobile app is excellent for this purpose, and it can be downloaded for free on iPhone or iPad. It is especially useful for lawyers because it can convert both native and scanned PDFs.

Store your documents

Saving documents can imply locking all papers in a drawer, saving them on the cloud or just scanning documents with your phone. Tiny Scanner is a mobile app that scans receipts, fax and other documents which can be considered a productivity asset when you are on the go. It simply turns your phone into a portable scanner.

DropBox is so well-known that there’s no need to describe it at length, but for those who don’t have experience using it, it’s enough to say that this cloud storage is among the most popular storage platforms out there. It allows users to store and synchronize their important documents for free and access those file from anywhere on the planet, as long as they have a computer or a mobile device and an Internet connection. The basic free plan offers 2 MB of space for files, but users can upgrade to more storage if they want.

Prepare your trial

When preparing for trials, you will also need a productivity helper. One such app is TrialPad which helps you annotate, organize and present evidence. This app is perfect for trial lawyers and helps them be more productive during courtroom preparation.

One more technology tool that will surely come handy for every lawyer is a juror selection app called iJuror.  It can help you with selection of jurors, information recording, taking notes and help you in general with organizing the selection process.

It is easy to see why productivity apps have such a luring effect on business professionals. They cut down the time spent on less important tasks and simplify work in such a way that it probably makes people wonder how we ever worked without them? Hopefully the apps we presented today will really make a difference and help the legal sector warm up to technology.


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How to Present Your Data in a Doughnut Chart

If you are a Twitter user, you may have learned that today is the National Donut Day. For that reason we decided to share with you some tips on using doughnuts, but not real doughnuts though. Did you know that there is an Excel chart called the Doughnut Chart? As the name implies, it has the shape of a doughnut and it is used for data visualization. There are a lot of charts in MS Excel you can use to present data, but we can safely conclude that this one is the sweetest one. Even if you are not so fond of making charts in Excel, maybe you will reconsider using them.

Doughnut charts help you present complex data in attractive and visually appealing way. If you have a very big collection of data and multiple subcategories in it, doughnut charts would be perfect for pulling out the data in a neat and readable fashion. You can separate subcategories of the data in different layers and each layer can be colored differently. Eventually, your data will be plotted in a multicolored doughnut.

In addition to that, you may choose between a regular doughnut chart and an exploded doughnut chart. Explored doughnut charts are very similar to exploded pie charts in terms of data visualization as each data segment is presented separately from the others.

So here is how you can present your data in a doughnut chart:


Open MS Excel and select the data you want to present visually. Then click on the Insert menu and then on the Other charts button to open a drop-down menu where all the charts are listed. There you will find the Doughnut chart, as shown in the image below.


First select the data you want to present in a chart. The Chart Tools menu will open and you will be able to choose the chart layout and style.



The chart will come up on the screen and on the right side of the Chart Tools you can click on the Move Chart Location button in order to move your chart according to your preferences.




Once you are satisfied with the chart design, you may click on the next tab of the Chart Tools called Layout. There you can set up the legend: you can choose to keep it or not, and to place on the preferred side of the chart as shown in the image below.


In addition to that, you can give your doughnut chart a name by clicking on the Chart Title button.


And what is more, you can add the data labels such as percentage, date, time, accounting, currency and much more, by clicking on Data Labels.


Now you know it! There are other doughnuts apart from those you eat and they can help you in everyday data management tasks. Whether you have used Excel charts before or not, we are sure you will consider using them in the future. In the meantime you can enjoy the real doughnuts.


Happy National Doughnut Day!

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iPad Apps That Every Virtual Assistant Should Be Using

The appearance of Internet and online technologies gave way to many new job positions. These allow employees to work from the comfort of their home, and employers to stop wasting time on administrative tasks and focus on what’s essential for their business.

One of those popular new positions is the virtual assistant. This is often a freelance job and can include many different assignments. For example, many VAs are outsourced to perform different administrative, marketing and technical tasks, such as making phone calls or managing emails, scheduling events, promoting a product or business on social media, designing promotional materials, managing a blog, researching whatever is necessary, making presentations etc.

Since virtual assistants are real multitaskers, they need to be extremely organized. For people who embrace technology and know how to make the most of it, being organized is not so difficult to accomplish. It’s only a matter of finding all the right props, tools and apps that can make one’s work as easy as possible. Successful VAs not only know how to organize their time, but they also make the most of working on the go on their iPads, and use the time productively while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, when stuck in traffic, etc.

There are too many apps on the market today, so it can be pretty time-consuming to test everything that comes your way. That is why, to save you time, we compiled this list of excellent iPad apps that every virtual assistant should be using.

Get Al Helper

personal assistant app







Evi is an artificial intelligence helper that answers all your questions. You can use both voice and text input to ask her a question. There is a built-in browser so you won’t need to leave the app in order to check out the links that Evi gives you. Not only does Evi search for the info you need, but it also compares data from different sources and can cut your research time.


Dictate anything   


Dragon Dictation is a virtual note-taker that actually writes down everything you say. It can be very useful when you are on-the-go and you don’t have time to type. It types 5 times faster than you would type by using the keyboard.


voice to text app





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