How to sign documents without printing

how to sign documents without printing

PDF files are great when you want to print a document, share it with other people and view them on any operating system. But they are not so great when you need to edit PDF. Fortunately, there are solutions to resolve even the hardest PDF issues. Signing documents is one of them. When you need … Read more

How to open an XML file on any device

how to open xml file

XML file format stands for an Extensible Markup Language that is used to make common information formats. The purpose of this format is to share the data on the internet and it is actually very similar to HTML format in terms of usage. What program opens XML documents? Given that XML files are encoded in … Read more

How to manage files on iPhone

manage files on iphone

You can manage files on iPhone almost the same way you would do that on your computer. Of course, more complex things cannot be done because mobile phones cannot store such powerful software, but if we talk about most common file management tasks, you can be sure that iPhone will help you. Editing documents on … Read more

How to create drop down list in Excel

how to create drop down list in excel

Drop down lists can give a totally different look to your Excel spreadsheet. They are particularly handy when you have a lot of data to enter, or data is hard to spell, also when someone else needs to fill in your spreadsheet and you need to control the responses. By using drop down lists you … Read more

How to separate PDF pages on a mobile device

how to separate pdf pages

Viewing PDF files on a mobile phone can be a problem if your file is too big and your phone too slow. Not to mention that big files take too much memory on your phone. If you need to work with a PDF file on your phone and you don’t need the whole document, there … Read more

How to remove header in Google Docs

remove header from google docs

Removing headers and footers shouldn’t be a big deal, but unfortunately that is not a case with Google Docs. For years users have been complaining about the lack of this important feature, and many of them still don’t know how to remove header in Google Docs. After some testing and research, we have found the … Read more

Mobile Apps to Practice Math

If you haven’t already started using your mobile phone to learn new languages or practice science, now is the right time. Whenever you have spare time, while waiting for the bus, getting back from school, or just being bored at home, you can use one of mobile apps to practice math. No matter what grade … Read more

How to Convert Excel to CSV

CSV format is another file format used for keeping tabular data. Unlike Excel .xlsx format, this format keeps tabular data as plain text. The main difference between Excel xlsx and CSV files is formatting. Excel xlsx files have formatting features you can use to present data in a visually compelling way. CSV file type doesn’t … Read more

iPhone Attempting Data Recovery – Will your data be saved?

If you are an iPhone user, you’ve probably experienced or heard at least once about this scary message “ attempting data recovery ”. This error message shows up when you want to upgrade to the latest version of iOS software (on iPhone or iPad). It usually appears when you update iOS via iTunes. So, if … Read more